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Game Over 2004 tv series is a family adult animated family sitcom created by David Sacks. The plot of Game Over revolves around Smashenburns, a modern family that face real life problems. The characters consist Rip Smashenburn , who is a race car driver with marriage issues. Raquel Smashenburn. home wife with goes on convert op missions to retrieve monkey statues. Billy Smashenbur , is the kid cool and loves hip hop. Alice Smashenburn , a rebellious and sophisticated teen girl that wears a hoodie. Lastly, Turbo the family dog who lies, cheat and steal. There are also Smashenburn neighbors The Changs, who are shaolin monks that fights ninjas every day. There are a lot of video game reference such as Tomb Raider, Crash Bandicoot and more.



Smashenburns Family
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The show only has 6 episodes due to poor ratings on UPN. It doesn’t focus on video games but poke fun at anime. One of the episodes, where Billy meets a Japanese girl named Suki. Suki is full of troupes of an anime girl. The rest of the series deals with insecurity between Rip and Raquel. How Raquel is being pay more than Rip. Alice objectifying herself wearing a bikini at the beach. Raquel and Rip spending time with their children. The family dog Turbo is up to no good. The animation is dated for early 2000s. There is flat Family Guy like adult humor. I would have to say Game Over is average show. If you are a video game fan, watch it at your own risk. Its pay homage to fighting, first person shooter and platformer video games. Watch Game Over TV series on YouTube or buy the dvd on Amazon.




What is Deadly Games?



Deadly Games is a live action UPN tv show based on video games. The plot of the series is about Dr. Gus Lloyd who is a programmer of a video game. Gus is assisted by his friend Peter Rucker. After one failed experiment, all of the Gus’s video game characters comes to the real world. Gus who is modeled after The Cold-Steel Kid from his game. Tackles villains from the video games led by Sebastian Jackal. These characters are modeled after people Gus knows. Peter and Gus is not alone in this fight. Gus ex-wife Lauren Asbrone helps them to defeat Jackal in his army of villains. Jackal plans is world domination and take over the real world.


Dr. Gus Lloyd
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The tv series produced by Viacom Production and directed by Leonard Nimoy. Deadly Games features celebrities such as Christopher Lloyd, Dwight Schultz, LeVar Burton and Brent Spiner. Brent and LeVar are from Star Trek Next Generation along with Nimoy. Gus is a scientist/programmer who met people who ruin his life. He has gone through a divorce with his ex-wife Lauren. Later Lauren partners up with Gus and tries to rekindle their relationship. The villains in this series appearance in one episode. Gus gives explanation in the first episode of the show. Later explains on how to defeat each villain.



Format of the Show


The show format is villains of the week. These villains are named after occupations and nicknames. For example, Killshot  is a football player that bullies Gus. One Mean Mother  is Lauren’s mother but evil. The Boss is Gus former employer at a software company. In order to defeat these villains in the real world. Gus have to destroy them in a similar method from the game. They carry out their objective just like the video game. After their defeat, villains come back into the game. Jackal finds another villains to do his biting. Deadly Games have funny moments and cheap 90s effects. I know these effect were used on Star Trek. Gus and Lauren relationship is rocky and unsalvageable.


The Boss and Jackal
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He is cares about Laruen even if they’re not together. Peter Rucker  is comedic relief and great friend of Gus. Jackal always drinking champagne in every episode. My favorite episode so far is The Boss. This episode had me laughing because LaVar Burton portrayal. I want this to be a YouTube video series called The Boss. Which someone dress as a boss and go to any working establishment. Next, act like their boss and berated them. Afterwards, say “I am everyone’s boss and you are fired”. I could see that person getting arrested for this.





Deadly Games is an average show with good cast. If you are into video games show in the 90s. My main problem is the episode order. I think The End of the Jackal episode should be last. That’s a minor issues of the show. You can watch this within a day or two. Some moments seen out of place and acting is. There some episodes you can watch on YouTube but in parts.




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