What are the Some Good Benefits of Puzzle Games

What are the Some Good Benefits of Puzzle Games

Benefits of Puzzle Games


Benefits of puzzle games are good for the brain. Puzzle games test your reaction with your brain and fingers. Games like Tetris, Puyo Puyo and many more allows players take make moves. Like simple game of Chess, players have to make a move. Trading Card Game is the same concept like puzzle games. Puzzle video game genre are found in adventure, point n clicks and shooters. It’s a sub category in those video games like any other. For example, Third person shooter (primary) but have elements of puzzle (secondary) genre. There you have it, game developer included puzzles to make it challenging. During my playthough of Puyo Puyo Tetris, I had a hard time getting concept of the game. I have played Tetris growing up along with Dr. Mario. Loss a lot of matches and face off against pro players was not wise.

Tetris 99

Image: Arika and Nintendo

Enough of the rambling, puzzle game has tile matching and falling blocks. Sometimes you have to shoot matching color orbs like Puzzle Bobble. Along with switching orbs and matching them like Magical Drop III. Note: There is a certain female character in Magical Drop II who is a meme. What about testing your knowledge like Professor Layton and Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training? Sometimes puzzles games have educational value to them as well. It like learning math skills and reading literature. Puzzle games have mystery like Nancy Drew and The 7th Guest. You have to put your Scooby Doo thinking cap on. If ever stuck on a puzzle hints are provided for player. Point n click were prompted for using the hint system. There are verbs that player use to solve puzzles in order to process.


Professor Layton and the Curious Village/Puzzles 51-75
Image: Level 5




Puzzle Solving

Knowledge is power in puzzle games. In video games, it’s like solving a jigsaw puzzle in minutes. Some people may think it’s boring and un-fulfilling video game genre. As long, you are not a hardcore gamer but casual. Any demographic can enjoy puzzles from kids to adults. Puzzle could be used in schools if possible. There are tournaments on YouTube for puzzle games. Certain video games franchise like Street Fighter can turn into a puzzle game. Ever heard of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, If you haven’t it’s a fun game. There are other puzzle games like Portal 2 and others. Puzzle video games is on retro consoles like SNES, Sega Genesis, PS1 and more. Present video game console like Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 have them. PC users can experience puzzle solving games as well.



Magical Drop III
Image: Data East

These games are not like Sudoku or any other out there. I forgot about mobile uses who are on IOS and Android. Benefits of puzzle games allows players to make quick decisions. You will find yourself in a maze. In order to find a way out of that maze. Use your brain and see what is the solution. Sometimes you will need help on pushing and solving these puzzles. That being said, puzzles are very tricky and tedious. It’s like solving a riddle but don’t know the answer. You can play online multiplayer or local with friends. You will face an opponent on who is the best puzzle master. Maybe you will feel defeated but always try again. There might be some puzzle games that you can download or buy.

Resident Evil 5
Image: Capcom




There are a lot of benefit to puzzle games out there. Players will have to find them and scientist too. You might find studies online on Google or experience it yourself. I would say puzzle games is for me to wine down. If you want to join me playing puzzle games. Subscribe to my gaming channel and Twitch as well. I am hoping to play more in the near future. What do you guys think of puzzle games? Let me know on social media or comment section. Good luck solving puzzles in video games.


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