8 vs 16GB Ram Gaming – Video Game Storage In Novice Perspective




What is RAM?


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In the seventh generation of video games consoles. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles run 8 vs 16gb gaming. Older consoles from sixth generation ran less than 8gb games. Personally I don’t know much about 8 and 16gb gaming. Those games have a lot of data in them. Random-access memory is form of computer data store in CD-Roms. Talking from a gamer point of view we will have use CDs. Ram is store in what is called memory cell. Memory cell is an electronic circuit that stores one but of binary information. This memory cells should be readable and writable in order to work. Virtual memory is a management technique that creates illusion of a real memory. The benefit of virtual memory is freeing applications from sharing memory space.


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Tech savy users heard about RAM drive before. RAM drive is volatile memory in a secondary storage. The performance of a Ram drive is faster than other storage media such as hard drive. For example, placing DVD and CD Rom inside video game console. That process is CD rom must move into optical eye. The disk will spin into a particular position before writing or reading occurs. Gamers have a PC or Mac that have specific RAM Drive. The following complaints is some video games on PC doesn’t work. I will put it this way. Based on the CPU speed and data in your computer. It can’t run property, which leads people buying graphic cards and new PCs.




What is the different 8 and 16gb ram?


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Certain computer have major limitations due to capacity of ram being stored. Moving away from computer for alittle bit. Video game console were designed for games under 8GB. Most notable video game consoles are PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Sony and Microsoft make sure to meet developers’ expectations. Video games consoles uses specific CPU processors and GPU. Ram is the most important piece on the gaming console. Some computers are not design to run certain games. I will tell you a story about running Killer Instinct on my PC. It was around last year, I have tried to play 2013 Killer Instinct video game. I took noticed that the game was running slowly. Tried to lower graphical setting and windowed the game. Nether didn’t do it any justice, so I delete the game. Some goes for The Initial and Under Night In-Birth, I can’t run them properly.


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I will need a different processor to run these games. 8 and 10GB games are great for running it on consoles. If you don’t have a gaming pc or graphic card, chancing of playing it are slim. Running a game less than 8gbs will keep your CPU at ease. Over 10GB games take all of your RAM or CPU capacity. For computer users, programs such as Google Chrome interfere in gameplay. Firewall maybe another reason but experiment, which program takes up your CPU. DDR3 SDRAM is a great chip for high bandwidth and powered most 10GB games. It could transfer eight times speed of memory. There are probably computers that have DDR3 SDRAM. For CPU, Nvida and AMF Radeon are highly recommended for gaming. In my opinion is less than 8GB may work on computers.  8 vs 16GB are meant to be play on new generation consoles.



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