Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo GameCube – Early 2000s Retro Consoles



Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo GameCube



Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Gamecube were a hit in early 2000s. I grew up playing these two consoles but didn’t own Gamecube. My mother brought me Microsoft Xbox (2001) on my birthday abd had fond memories of playing Dead or Alive 3. Friends told me to get a PS2 (that was later) and it’s was defected console. 2001 original Xbox allows player to play music, watch dvd and go online multiplayer. Xbox had great controller design and small library of games. There were some games like Blinx the Time Sweeper, Halo, Brute Force and many more. Later on, you can play them on your Xbox One console. Well I have retried my PlayStation 4 for getting a Nintendo Switch. My second thoughts is getting Xbox One but newer one is coming out. That would be a waste of money in my opinion.


Blinx the Time Sweeper
Image: Artoon and Microsoft Game Studios


There were some games I have played that were bad like Kakuro Chojin and Stake. Kakuto Chojin could have been better in terms of gameplay. Shenmue II was ported to Xbox and I have played the demo. There were games that I have wished to play to this day. Original Xbox had a remote for dvds which it was funny. You can use a controller for playing dvds on your console. Xbox Live is still around and gamers have to pay monthly subscription. Original Xbox sold 24 million units worldwide and discontinued in 2009. The next console was Xbox 360, a revamped version of original one. Xbox 360 allows players to create their avatar and use kinect. I am not here to talk about Xbox 360 but retro consoles. Nintendo Gamecube was in competition with original Xbox console back in early 2000s.





Small Game Consoles


Gamecube was Nintendo’s answer to Microsoft. Although the system is cater for being family friendly. Just like all Nintendo consoles instead of being for hardcore gamers. Nintendo Gamecube is meant for multiplayer but had single players games as well. You have your Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker and Metroid Prime. Sometimes you can’t play solo but with friends or bots. There is a lot of multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros Melee and many more. Just like Microsoft Xbox, Gamecube had a small variety of games as well. The difference is that Gamecube can’t burn dvd or listen to music. It doesnt have a hard drive and have to buy memory card separately. Gamecube does have online service.


The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker
Image: Nintendo


The winner is Xbox but don’t count out Nintendo Gamecube. Fun fact: You can play Game Boy Advance games on Nintendo Gamecube. Gamecube controller is very complex like N64 one. I think it’s better than Nintendo 64 controller. The system sold 22 million units worldwide. After Nintendo Gamecube was discontinued in 2007. Nintendo Wii emerged with Gamecube games and controller were backward compatible. The Nintendo Switch has an adapter for Gamecube controller still this day. Nintendo Gamecube had some good and bad games like Xbox. Small list of games doesn’t mean it’s a bad console. Both are still enjoyable consoles in my opinion.




If you love both Xbox or Gamecube, these consoles are still in gamer’s hearts. Yes they have accessories and benefits for gamers. I will talk about more retro consoles in my website. Sega Dreamcast and Super Nintendo I have covered already. Hopefully, I will explore consoles from Japan only. These retro console have different genres of games like fighting, action, party and more. Don’t forgot sports fans out there. Shooters in both consoles as well just like 007 games. Nintendo 64 and PS1 I might get to in the future. What are your thoughts on Nintendo GameCube and Microsoft Xbox retro consoles?


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