Sonic the Hedgehog 2020 Movie- Rings Cause Portals Review


Sonic The Hedgehog 2020 movie summary


Sonic the Hedgehog 2020 movie is based on Sega video game and directed by Jeff Fowler. This movie had a design controversy went first trailer released. The plot of the movie is that Sonic (Ben Schwartz) is transported into another world. Sonic meets a sheriff named Tom Wachowski (James Marsden). Tom and Sonic relationship was rocky but slowly developed. The duo get confronted by Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) and get Sonic’s power. Beginning of the film, Sonic runs in Green Hill Zone (which the town was named). After being warmed by his caretaker Longclaw not to be discovered. A group of Echindas trying to kidnapped Sonic but he escaped. Sonic was fastened with new world he was transported in. He cause mischief and spies on Wachowskis. Sonic felt alone and have no one to sped time with.



Sonic Movie Redesign
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Making a real friend was on his bucket list. After Sonic cause a blackout or power outage. This caught attention of Dr. Robotnik. Dr. Robotnik is obsess with catching Sonic in a comedic fashion. Tom meets up with Sonic thinking he is a raccoon. Sonic losing the rings on top of San Francisco building. Dr. Robotnik uses his drones to catch Sonic. He curls up like a ball but got discovered by Eggman drones. After fighting off Robotnik and his drones. Sonic and Tom have a heart to heart talk. They go to a local bar and do things on their bucket list. After causing a fight, Sonic uses his time stopping power for fun. Tom tells Sonic that he will be leaving Green Hill. Sonic tells him to stay because people need him. The two fight and Robotnik strikes again nearly killing Sonic.


Friend in need

Tom takes Sonic to Maddie (Tika Sumpter) who is a vent and his wife. Sonic, Maddie and Tom go to San Francisco to get his bag of rings. Dr. Robotnik confronts them and Sonic push them off the building saving them. Sonic uses the ring portal to transport Tom and Maddie. He fights off Eggman and travels throughout the world. Robotnik nearly killing Sonic and Tom tells him that he is his friend. Sonic charges up and knocks Robotnik into a Mushroom planet. Eggman vows revenge and Sonic saves on Green Hill. Sonic the Hedgehog 2020 movie was average but not bad. There is some subplots about Sonic Quil and rings. Normally in the game, rings doesn’t cause portals. Only exception is the bonus level in Genesis era Sonic games. There was not evidence that Sonic can stop time.


sonic movie robotnik
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Sonic will need a Chaos Emerald like Shadow the Hedgehog. Tom wanted to become a real cop and move out of Green Hill. Redesign didn’t save the movie but have some visual aspect on Sonic. Sonic personally is carefree just like Sonic Satam cartoon. Speaking of that, there is some references and Easter eggs. Sonic did make a chill dogs reference from Sonic Satam tv show. When Sonic was in a his cave, he wore Fang the Sniper hat. There some other like Dr. Who and other movies. Jim Carrey was fun to watch and delightful. Sonic and Tom duo is cliche’ and drowns out quickly. There is some emotional scenes about friendship and acceptance.




Sometimes humor falls flat and tries to hard. Tom is an awkward character but Sonic steals the movie. If Tom or other human doesn’t appear except for Dr. Robotnik. The question is would it be a good movie or bad? The biggest problem is Sonic doing a Dio Brando in the movie. In source material Sonic doesn’t stop time. Sonic is not Quicksilver from Fox X-Men movies. Overall, Sonic was mid-tier movie in my book. I like movie Sonic making him break 4th walls and one liners. In the sequel, Tails and Knuckles might appear. Knuckles race appeared in this movie. Why they want Sonic power? We don’t know about that. The movie doesn’t tell us why but Robotnik want to power his machines.



Tom and Sonic
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This is your typical buddy film and nothing special. We have throw away side character like Wade and more. Credits recaptured the early Sonic games with revamped pixel art. In the movie, we get to see Sonic red shoes and Eggman cuts his hair. Still doesn’t save the film from being spectacular. Fans will notice these things in movies. Sonic the Hedgehog 2020 movie is a family film. The kids could watch this with their parents. We will see a sequel in the coming years. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, there is some physical dvd release. You can buy it on digital on Bluray and Dvd at Amazon. Don’t watch this movie to fast.




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