Top 5 Old PC Games Compatible with Windows 10



Old PC Games Compatible with Windows 10

There are some pc games compatible with Windows 10 that I have enjoy. While in MS Dos era with Windows 95 days. You have to insert a CD Rom or command prompt to start the game. I don’t know about Windows 8 or below, but still some games are compatible. MDK 2 didn’t work for some reason maybe it’s the graphics card or operation system. Sin (1998 video game) and Star Wars Jedi Knight Mysterious of the Sith didn’t work on my PC. That being said, I love retro games and willing to play them all in the future. There are some games I haven’t play in my childhood. Now I am a full-fledged adult with a day job. I can buy them whatever I want. It’s still a struggle what founder of Capital Underground Gaming League says.




If you plan on downloading a pc game. Make sure you see if your computer is compatible to your system. At first, I was dumbfounded at this and download any game. This time I have learn that not all games work on my computer. I don’t have a beefy graphic card like Nvidia or AMD Radeon. Intel Core doesn’t do it justice unfortunately and suffering it. Maybe one day I will get a laptop with Nvidia and Radeon graphics card. There are some games I have played that very popular in the 90s. These old pc games compatible with Windows 10 works well with my PC. Here are my top 5 old pc games compatible with Windows 10. The nostalgia rush will shine through retro gamers with this list.


5. Broken Sword Series – Revolution Software

Broken Sword: Director's Cut

Broken Sword is a point n click adventure game developed by Revolution Software. The series is filled with mysterious and thrills. Players take control of George Stobbard and Nicole Collard as they solve mysterious and learn the truth. Players can solve puzzles and travel through different parts of the world. Broken Sword takes inspiration from LucasArts games like Monkey Island and more. The game graphics is very illustrated and stained. Funny thing about this game characters narrate everything they do. I get it that Broken Sword is very narrative but this takes the cake. Broken Sword have engaging storyline and humor as well. Broken Sword series is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, mobile phones and Nintendo systems.


4. Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition – Ion Storm and Square Enix (Eidos Interactive)


Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition


Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition is an action rpg developed by Ion Storm and Eidos Interactive. Players take control of a cyborg named JC Denton. JC Denton is apart of an anti-terrorist group that takes on criminals. Denton learns the truth about himself and whom is he facing. Deus Ex gives players choices in combat or stealth. The game gives you freedom or playstyle of your choice. JC can hack bots, lockpick and decipher codes. JC has an inventory which is limited, make sure to choose wisely. Pick up boxes and distract enemies to make to the next room. Dialogue tree reminds me of Fallout, you might get a alternate ending. Deus Ex is a complex game and great to try out. The game is available on PC and PlayStation 2.

3. Bubsy Two Fur – Accolade and Retroism


Bubsy Two Fur


Bubsy Two Fur is a compilation 2D platformer game based on first and second installment. Player’s control a Bobcat named Bubsy, who makes one-liners and witty comments. Bubsy Two Fur have a cartoonish vibe and wacky levels. Frist game is based of Sonic the Hedgehog which the game is influenced by. Bubsy 2 is make platform-ism and very linear. Bubsy collects t-shirts, yard, marbles and many more. You can use items in the second game and mini-games. I had some problems with the second game due to frame drop and difficult levels. Bubsy in Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind was better in my opinion. Bubsy does have a television pilot but was not picked up. The games is available on PC, SNES, Sega Genesis and GameBoy.

2. System Shock – LookingGlass Technologies

System Shock: Enhanced Edition



System Shock is a first-person action horror game developed by LookingGlass Technologies. The plot of the game is an unknown hacker trying to breach a Space Citadel. This hacker is arrested and given an ultimatum. Stop a Supercomputer named SHODAN or spend the rest of his life in prison. Hacker agrees and assist them to stop SHODAN. System Shock takes inspiring from Doom and Wolfenstein 3D. Players take control of the hacker and journey through cyberspace. You can pick up weapon, items and gear on your quest. There are floors to reach SHODAN but you will to fight robots and zombies enemies. Players can solve puzzles and review emails. System Shock is a great game to check out and 2020 remake is coming. The game is available on PC if you want to buy it.



1.  The 7th Guest – Trilobyte

The 7th Guest: 25th Anniversary Edition


The 7th guest is a point n click game developed by Trilobyte. Plot of the game is 6 guest gets invited by a famous doll maker Henry Stauf. Henry Stauf is the main villain of the game and wants to resurrect a demon using human sacrifice. Players must solve puzzles and find the 7th guest before Stauf does. The 7th Guest 25th Anniversary Edition has a remastered with rework music and graphics. Puzzle in 7th Guest is really difficult and hard to figure out. You can explore different rooms of the house and see characters motives. These characters go against each other to get 7th Guest. There are hints if you get stuck and do overs. 7th Guest is a challenging game for experts on solving puzzles. If you have to get a strategy guide for this game. The 7th Guest: 25th Anniversary Edition is available now on Steam.


These are the top 5 games that’s compatible with Windows 10. They might work on Mac and Linux, who knows. Make sure you check these games out for y’all retro fans out there. I might find more in the near future. These are challenging and fun games to try out. If they don’t work maybe consoles will.



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