Is Point and Click Adventure Games Boring or Good


Point and Click Adventure Games Meaning

Point and Click adventure games is spacial and creative as far in narration. Video game creators tell a interactive story with characters and tone. Point and Click games were popular in the 90s and beyond. These games revolve about players using a mouse to interact with objects. There is a winnable format and doesn’t involve in player losing or game over. Each character can be switch (in some games like ThimbleWeed Park) or died in some way. If the player is stuck on a puzzle, there is a hint system which is popular in LucasArts games. The player have a inventory for finding the key items to advance overall story. For example, Monkey Island where there is a verb mechanics. You can pull, push, pick up and etc. Point and Click have stellar presentation in graphics and character design.



There is different genres of Point n Click games like romance, horror and comedy. Some Point and Click games have adult content like Leisure Suit Larry. I would say that it’s soft of like visual novel in some way. Point and click have a distinctive style like cartoonish like ToonStuck. What about a graphic novel style like Broken Sword? Something eerie and challenging like The 7th Guest can wrap your brain. Exploration point and click like Myst where there is no characters and storyline. Solving mysteries in Point and Click like Nancy Drew. What about Syberia which have a deep storyline and gameplay. Point n Click games can be 3D and 2D at the same time. Based on developers perspective and direct of the games. Users will have a pleasant experience playing their games.


Boring or Good?

The question is is Point and Click boring or good? Some argue that basely you point at object and talk to people. I have to disagree with that, what about overall story and value to the player. Point n Click offers mental challenge on player’s wits. Puzzles are very fun and challenging for all ages. Remember that these games doesn’t follow the game over format like others. The soundtrack puts the players in a fantasy setting and comfortable world. Of course, indie developers can make point and click from scratch. After promoting it to the world and have a great concept. Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo provides developers to add benefits and perks for patronages. These developers to hire voice actors, add more content and add names in credits.


thimbleweed park


That’s why I support indie developers and their games. I know that a lot of people don’t play point n click games. Growing up in the 90s was a great thing in MS DOS era. I can’t remember playing a wizard like Point n click game as a kid. The game had a wizard with a magic bag that follow him about. Someday I will find out that game. Point n Click games are for all demographics and age groups. Between toddlers to adulthood could enjoy point and click games. These games could be found on Steam and other PC distributor websites. I forgot about live action Point n Click like Tex Murphy. These games use live action actors to portray the characters. Point n Click uses engine like Unity and Scummvn. Every knows Unity is a game engine that revolves around graphics. Scummvn is a program that run classic point and click games like LucasArts.




The whole idea of interactive play instead of shooting and fighting. These games allow players to unwind and relax. In Point and Click would be very chill and rewarding. Even it’s doesn’t have replay value or routes like visual novels. Just look at it in creative and storytelling perspective. Does in-game humor make you laugh? What about redeeming characters? Do Point n Click adventure games have educational value to them? What journey will you take on? I don’t think it’s boring at all but some may think that way. Players think it’s about solving puzzles and moving around different places. They don’t know about creative approach with these games take. There might be point and click adventure for Xbox, PS2 and other retro consoles. Mainly, point and click meant for computers.


Wolf Among Us

There is some good point n click adventure games out there to check out. You can find the best Point and Click for yourself to try. Maybe , there is some free ones out there to try out. IOS and Android has Point and Click adventure games as well. Players can find these games online and buy them at cheap price. I really enjoy these game and holds a place in my heart. There might be more in the near future. Interactive gaming open chapters in the industry. How will storytelling in video games take you? What about future Point n Click like Telltale Games? We will have to see for yourself. Is Life is Strange is a example of modern point and click for new gen consoles. Point and Click adventures are here to stay.



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