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Hero Bank anime is based on rpg video game developed by Sega. The plot is about, a country called Big Money. Yes it’s weird right and society revolves around money. Main character is named Kaito Gosho, has a sense of justice and care about his friends. Kaito loves Hero Wars and making people smile. Which his motto is “smiles are free”. Gosho is the president of Big Money Company alongside his friends Mitsuo and Fukamata. There is other members like Nagare and Li-Chang Long. Speaking of Hero Wars, it’s about virtual avatars called “Hero Suits”. People uses device called Bankonfon G to transform or job change into their Hero suits. Bankonfon G often use for checking emails, talking photos and communication. Kaito was in a Hero Wars match and his rental expires. A priest named Sennan gives Kaito a contract.



hero bank video game
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After Gosho signed the contract, he acquires a hero suit called “Enter the Gold”. Enter the Gold have a debt of thousand yen. Gosho and his friend were shocked at this. Kaito sees a tournament and the prize is thousand yen. The same amount that Enter the Gold debt. In the quest of paying off the debt. Kaito meets other characters and villains of the series. He lives with his older sister AI and his grandfather. Their mother and father passed away while Kaito is younger. Kaito and Ai have a sibling rivalry rocky relationship. His friends consist of Mitsuo Zaizen is the smart and intelligent one of the Big Money Company. Fukuata Kanamari is the average joe with his pet mouse Plautina. Nagare was a lot of Kaito friends but turns dark. Thanks to Money Ghost, one of the main antagonist of the anime.



Smile is free


Kaito Gosho is a typical kid anime protagonist. He have catchphrases like “I have ripped a new one” and “never underestimate elementary kid”. It gets boring and jarring at the same time. Kaito favorite snack is Yummy Sticks. During Hero Wars battles, Gosho doesn’t think with his head. His friends keep him in check about that. He willing to fight to protect sentiments that people treasure. Gosho wants to fight strong opponents and having fun at the same time. In the early episodes, Kaito wins Hero Battles and gain allies. He meets Isshin Unimari, a boy that runs a Fish Market. Kintetsu who is a freak accident and parts of his body made of metal. Hana who is apart of the Money Grubbing Group , who falls for Kaito. Kaito faces off against Cyber Emperor and The Force of Gold.


 Episode 1
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The Force of Gold is led by Money Ghost. Money Ghost want to get rid of all money in the world. His real identity is Adachi who works with Sennan and Hikari. Adachi recruits Nagare who was jealous of Kaito. Deborah Suzaki who owns Cyber Emperor. Rohan Yuri, a Russian solder with unknown past. Lastly, Li Chang Long who have trust issues due to have happen to his grandfather. Kaito wants to become friends with his enemies. Nagare transform into a cold and evil being due to Money Ghost influence. He had family issues and inspired to be like Kaito. Nagare is being used be Money Ghost for his plans. Overall, Hero Bank is an average show for all demographic.



Even it’s a children tv show but the story is passable. There is some educational value about banks like debt, checking and saving. I still have a student loan debt to pay and wished it was gone. One point Money Ghost took all the money away and people went crazy. It’s like a pandemic if everyone had no money think of The Great Depression. That being said, I am liking the Hero Bank battles. Although the hero suits is CGI due to TMS Entertainment and 8pan involvement. Hero suits earn money due to audience participation to use special attacks. You can switch jobs during battle and money files out of the hero suits. There is some toilet humor and Kaito dumbfoundedness. Hero Bank anime is a good show to check out but not groundbreaking.


Hero Bank episode 22
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Money is everything in that society. There is some cliché about friendship and will power. This anime is a mix of 2D and 3D models. It’s doesn’t ruin your watching experience. If you want to check out this anime. Go right ahead and Buy Hero Bank On Nintendo 3DS at Amazon. Watch the Hero Bank anime and find out yourself. Make sure you have money in your bank account.



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