The Loud House Season 3 Episode 22 Game Boys TV Series Review




What is the Loud House?



The Loud House is a tv show created by Chris Savino and aired on Nickelodeon. The plot is about Lincoln Loud living with his 10 sisters and parents. Loud family tackles sibling rivalry, caring and social life. The main character is Lincoln Loud who breaks the 4th wall and narrates his life. Lincoln learns that what is right or wrong about his action. He likes playing video games, reading comics and helping those in need. His sisters consist of Luna Loud, who is an aspiring rockstar and love music. Lola, a beauty pageant self proclaim princess with a bratty side. Her twin Lana is a tomboy who loves to get messy and a mechanic. Luan, is a jokester who makes puns and laughs. Leni is the second oldest and a bit of a airhead. Lucy is a goth and loves poetry.



The Loud House Season 3 Episode 22
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Lisa is a smarty pants of the Loud Family. Lily is the baby and Lynn Jr loves sports and competitive of the Loud Family. Lastly, Lori the oldest and has a boyfriend named Bobby. Their supporting parents Rita and Lynn Loud Sr who keeps everyone in check. There are other characters like Clyde, who is Lincoln best friend and love interest of Lori. Clyde lives with his two dads (marking the first interracial lgbt couple in cartoon). Ronnie Anne who has an antagonistic relationship with Lincoln turn friend. Note: There is a spin-off series with Ronnie Anne family called Casagrande. The Loud House has a lot of characters to enjoy and love. Without me rambling about The Loud House cartoon in a nutshell. Let’s talk about episode 22 of season 3 Game Boys.



Game Boys


The episode begins Clyde and Lincoln talk about Game Boy- like device called Snap. Lincoln is tempted to play Clyde’s Snap. After Lincoln plays with a Clyde worry about letting him borrow it. Clyde know that Lincoln and his 10 sisters will break it. He explains to Lincoln that Sunday, he has to wine down on Technology. After being pressure, Clyde let’s Lincoln borrow the Snap for the day. In comedic fashion, Clyde follow Lincoln home and tries to protect his snap. Lincoln’s sisters nearly destroy Clyde’s Snap but manage to save it. During Loud Family dinner,, Clyde hides under the table to get his Snap back. After the family dog, bites him and Clyde was discovered. Lincoln and Clyde had a talk about the Snap. The episode ends on Lincoln giving back Clyde Snap.



Clyde Game Boys
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Game Boys was alluded to Game Boy from Nintendo. The episodes tackles about borrowing game consoles and items. I remember borrowing video games and items from my friends. Sometimes I get antic about things getting broken like Clyde. I am loving the friendship of Lincoln and Clyde. Lincoln was addict to the Snap like some gamers are. It’s been years since I played my Game Boy Advance or Color. The Loud Sisters play a minor role in this part of the episode. House of Lies was not a video game episode and will not be covered. Although, Loud Sister play a major part in the episode. If you want love a video game centric episode of the Loud House. Make sure to watch The Loud House season 3 episode 22.





I want to thank Squirrel Talk YouTube Channel for referring me to this show. After watching Squirrel Talk The Loud House Review. I was hooked on this show. The Loud House reminds me of a anime for some reason. Some of the sister have anime characteristics like rockstar, bossy, smart and airhead. There is a episode went roles are reversed and Lincoln was a girl. Chris Savino was a genus on creating this show. Savino is not apart of the production due to sexual allegations against him. The show episodes is split into two parts like Steven Universe and Star Vs The Forces of Evil. Episode length is very short and has 4 seasons. There is rumor to have a season 5 and feature film on Netflix.


The Loud House Season 4 Episode 30 Game Off
Image: Image: Nickelodeon Animation Studio and Jam Filled Entertainment


I am loving the comic book Charlie Brown style. Some episodes are very sweet and heartwarming because of family. Intro to the show explains the premise of the show. Fun fact: Legends of the Hidden Temple was parodied on this show. Loud House turn to one of my favorite Nick shows next to Invader Zim, Avatar the Last Airbender and more. I really enjoy this show and recommended to any one for all. If you haven’t watch this show it’s a must. You can Google it or buy The Loud House dvd on Amazon. What will happen next in the Loud House? Note: There is another video game episode called Game Off featuring Lincoln and Lana.



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