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Dark and Light indie games


There is some dark and light indie games I have tried out in 2020. Some developers reach out to me or scroll through for some. I know it will be along time to make a indie game showcase on this blog. Don’t worry it’s worth it and getting to play some indies in the fly. I don’t want to rambling to much about downloading demo, alpha or beta for these indies. Probably free to play games goes hand in hand with indies. Alright here we go with some games that you guys should check out. I will tell you my favorite game that I have tried out. Stay tune until the end of the post.

8. Bloodlust 2: Nemesis – WRF Studios



BloodLust 2: Nemesis gameplay
Image by WRF Studios


Bloodlust 2: Nemesis is a sequel to the first game (I am not sure). In this game, you can create a characters and choose a clan. Bloodlust 2 reminds me another vampire game like Vampire: The Masquerade. Players can choose abilities like controlling rats and hacking panels. The fun part is sucking blood from human and exploring dungeon. There is online play in Bloodlust 2 which you can explore with your friends. You can go on side mission or story, whatever you like. I enjoy the game allowing equipping gear and weapons for your character. If you are fan of vampire games, then Bloodlust 2 Nemesis is available on Steam now.




7. Tamas Awakening – Whiteleaf Studio

Tamas Awakening gameplay
Image: Whiteleaf Studio

You guys may have heard Dawn of Malice visual novel game. Whiteleaf Studio has another project well their first game after Dawn of Malice Tamas Awakening revolves around a university student that studies science. He lives with his Landlord and ill temper roommate. The protagonist uses Hypnotist make the girls to whatever he wants. Later there is a unknown entity amuse by main character actions. Note: Tamas Awakening have adult content not suitable for children. If you want a hot and racy visual novel game. Tama Awakening demo is available and support them.


6. Seek and Destroy Battle Unleashed – FreakoutGames

Seek and Destroy - Battle Unleashed gameplay
Image: FreakoutGames



The studio that brought you Solbot Energy Rush brings you Seek and Destroy Unleashed. Seek and Destroy Battle Unleashed is a first person shooter video game. The goal is to destroy all of the enemy robots and clear the level. I have yet to clear the level and it’s very challenging indeed. Note: Seek and Destroy Battle Unleashed can be played on a web browser. You can aim and zoom to hit enemies. Your gun has unlimited ammo and can be refilled. Pick up health pack after defeating enemy and clear the level. Play Seek and Destroy Battle Unleashed today and try it out.



5. Project Plumerai – 1988stevenm


Project Plumerai gameplay
Image: 1988stevenm



Project Plumerai is a side scrolling shooter with 16 bit graphics. You play as a duck knight shooting through enemies dog-like soldiers. If you get hit, duck protagonist will lose coins like Sonic the Hedgehog. The game is really easy to play and for younger audience. Player’s fight bosses as well and fire through obstacles. I am digging the graphics reminds me of Sparkster and Sega Genesis 2D platformer games. Support 1988stevenm and I would love to see more in the future. Project Plumerai demo is available now.


4. Space Block – Alckins


Space Block gameplay
Image; Alckins


Space Block is a MS DOS like Skyroads game. You can pick a spacecraft and drive through level to complete it. If you haven’t play Skyroads I would check it out on YouTube. The game is simple to play and earn your way for a high score. Space Block have a neon color polygons and level exteriors. Make sure to support Alckins and see more games in the future. Space Block is available now on IOS and Android mobile phones.



3. Tidal Blossoms – Lemma Soft

Tidal Blossoms gameplay
Image: Lemma Soft


Tidal Blossoms is a visual novel about a young boy finding a job to stay in College. His named is Damon and lives with his roommate. Damon is cut off from his parents and want him to become independent. He later meets three girls and his summer will chance forever. Tidal Blossoms is a beach motif visual novel with pleasant music and atmosphere. The game teach us that pay for your own school and living with a roommate. If you want a summer visual novel story, Tidal Blossoms is up your alley/ Tidal Blossoms demo is available on now and support Lemma Soft.



2. Ariane’s Assistant – RitchieRat


Ariane Assistant is a visual novel developed by Ritchie Rat (one of the character name). You play as a assistant of a burlesque dancer named Ariane. If you are doing a terrible job, Ariane will fired you. Not only that she can turn you into a rat. Beginning of the game, Ariane will explain her lore and webcomics. Later on she will quiz the player. If the player gets the wrong answer, she will kick you out. Ariane’s Assistant is a goth and dark visual novel game that people will love. There is some racy moments with Ariane. This is has adult content and pop culture references. Ariane Assistant is available demo is available now.


1. Nirvana Pilot Yume – Dev9k
Nirvana Pilot Yume gameplay
Image: Dev9k


Nirvana Pilot Yume is a blend of visual novel and driving elements in this game. The game takes inspiration from Skyroads just like Space Blocks. You play as a pilot of the Nirvana and finding something that you love. Nirvana is a racing game as well and it’s okay to fail. The game stands out with it’s neon color design with comic book strokes. Do you have what it takes? Nirvana Pilot Yume has a story and arcade mode. Don’t worry, Nirvana is easy to play just like Skyroads. You can try out the demo and buy the full version on Steam.



There is some favorite game out there Bloodlust 2: Nemesis and Tamas Awakning. I am a sucker for visual novel and vampires. Hoping to play more indie games soon. Don’t worry it will be a while for another collection of indie games to talk about. Make sure to support these developers and try out their games.


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