Top 5 Monthly Subscription Boxes for Video Gamers




What Monthly Subscription Boxes for Video Gamers?



Monthly subscription boxes for video gamers is a soft of like Netflix and Crunchyroll. You pay monthly for boxes containing items for your favorite video games, tv shows and movies. In a nutshell, customers pay for each month or year based on their budget for this boxes. Just like paying for Hulu, Xbox Live and PSN to get benefits and perks. Monthly subscription boxes is loot just like you see in Overwatch, Apex Legends and more. Us gamers called it “Loot Boxes” and we use real money to pay for them. Patreon is a subscription service that people can pay monthly for their favorite creators. Subscription boxes operate the same way but gamers get items instead. YouTubers do unboxing videos of these boxes and they’re sponsored. Based on their following, they receive them asap and promote them.



 Subscription 2020's Best Subscription Boxes for Gamers
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Maybe one day I will be an affiliate and promote these company in the future. I don’t have a following right now but working on it. Luckily, I brought a mystery box from Otakon in 2017 and I was amazed. Fast forward in 2020, I have received a Super Mario Mystery Box from CultureFly on my birthday. Below this post there is a video of me unboxing that mystery box. Without further ado, I will count down top 5 monthly subscription boxes for video gamers out there. There might be some non gamers that will check out these companies as well.





5. CultureFly



Culturefly logo



CultureFly has a in-house production team that design products from your favorite tv shows and video games. They’re dedicated with pop culture and cater to retro and present fans alike. Brands CultureFly work for are Cartoon Netwotk, Nintendo, Lego, Fallout and many more. They also have Smols which is mini vinyl figures from your favorite sport team and shows. Gamers can shop for collectibles, apparel and accessories. People can find a carrer and work for CultureFly. Become a affiliate on CultureFly and earn commission. There are kids subscription box for younger audience. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email list. Give CultureFly a shot for collecting your box today.


Call of Duty Black Ops GameStop Retail Box
Image: CultureFly



4. Zavvi




Zavvi is a mystery box made for geeks like me. They have a section with gaming and features Fortnite, Sonic the Hedgehog, Overwatch and many more. If you are not a gamer, there is something for Marvel and DC fans out there. Lets throw in Star Wars and Game of Thrones in the mix. Zavvi work with Bandai, Banpresto, Good Smile Company and Triforce. They have special offers like free pop vinyl and $5 off purchase. Zavvi have a blog featuring movies and tv shows. People can cancel their subscription if they choose to. Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and sign up for email list.


Image; Zavvi



3. Lootaku


Lootaku Logo
Image: Lootaku


Lootaku is mainly for gamers and anime fans alike. They have a monthly plan with auto renewable. Lootaku features Dragon Ball, Pokemon, One Piece and more. Pins and comics are available in Lootaku. Game guides and blog about anime conventions is available to view. There are different types of boxes like Past, Special, Premium and Ichiban Kuji. If you have any problem make sure to contact them. You can become a Lootaku member and get rewards. Make sure to follow them Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and sign up email list.



Past Anime & Video Game Collection Boxes
Image: Lootaku




2. Retro Game Treasure


Retro Game Treasure
Image; Retro Game Treasure


Retro Game Treasure is for retro gamers. This monthly subscription box allows to build your own box. You can select which items of your choice and submit it to them. Note: boxes ship out last week of every month. You can choose from Nintendo 64, NES, SNES, PS2 and Sega Dreamcast. Players must tell them what genre of games you like to have. Gamers can buy consoles like Sega Genesis, Game Boy Advance and PS1. Retro Game Treasure have unboxing videos from different YouTubers and questions. If you are a retro gamer and build your own. Retro Game Treasure is up your alley. Make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and email list.





1. Lootcrate


Lootcrate logo
Image: Honey


Lootcrate is the biggest and well known monthly subscription box. They allows people to pick a crate such as gaming, pop culture, TV and limited edition. You can gift a lootcrate for a friend and easy to do. Lootcrate offers student discounts and careers for people seeking employment. Now they have a loot launcher which is a crowdfunding that allows fund creators for their box. You can sign up for a free crate. If you are a anime, gamer or just a nerd. Lootcrate is right up your alley. Support them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email list.



Image: Lootcrate



Monthly Subscription boxes for video gamers will embrace them because of the fandom. You don’t have to be a gamer to earn boxes. They’re fun to collect and share with anyone. Especially, if you are a influencer or YouTuber with a following. You might see more unboxing videos from me with a subscription box. I am hoping to collection some in the near future. Let me know what you think about Monthly subscription boxes in general. Make sure to follow me on social media. There might be boxes in GameStop, Target, Walmart and Amazon.



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