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Million Arthur anime summary



Million Arthur anime is based on Square Enix video games series. The series have different genres of video games. There is a free to play card-battle game called Kau-San-Sei Million Arthur but closed down in 2015. A VR game called Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur VR that is released on Steam. Arcade fighting game called Million Arthur Arcana Blood developed by Examu (Arcana Heart). Lastly, a action role playing game called Kou-Kyou-Sei Million Arthur. Overall plot of Million Arthur anime is a group of adventures that destroy Excailburs. All of the cast of characters are called “Arthurs”but different first names. In the anime, some characters appear from Han-Gyaku-Sei and Kaku-San Sei Million Arthur. For example, Kaguya appear in this anime. Thief Arthur makes a appearance and crossover in SNK Heroines.


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Note: There are third-party characters like Iori Yagami (King of Fighters), Riesz (Seiken Densetu 3) and Koume Sakiyama (Lord of Vermillion IV). Back on topic, most of the main characters are from Han-Gyaku-Sei. Dancho is the leader of the group of Arthurs. She is a perverted and naive girl. Dancho has a support fairy named Nickelavee. Tekken Arthur is a hot-blood hero that reminds me of Natsu Dragoneel. They both share the same voice actor fun fact. His support fairy named Titania. Yananeko is a stoic girl with a hand cannon. Her support fairy is named Coupy. Kakka is a reserved male that dress like a girl. His weapon is a book and support fairy named Brigitte. Renkin is a small intelligent girl armed with a hammer. Her support fairy is named Bodach. Lastly, Ruro a man who wield two pistols and his support named Bethor.




Hunting for Excalibur


The anime doesn’t have a lot of story. We explore the dynamics of team Arthur. Some Arthur use their Excalibur for evil. Half use them for good to save villages. We get little backstory for the characters. There is a little sample of Yamaneko’s backstory but doesn’t explore it. We don’t know why this Arthur searching for these Excaliburs. Dancho leadership is questionable for the rest of the cast. She event feels lonely went the team decided to leave. Team Arthur does work as a team in some episodes. The team encounters magical girl, chief and others Arthurs. There is some sad scenes in the show felt flat. In my opinion, I skip most of the episodes because of filter. Each character did have a episode but not compelling. I didn’t feel no attachment to these characters. There some anime cliché episodes like hot strings and beach.


Million Arthur anime
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Million Arthur anime is very average if you’re a fan of the game. Don’t expect much in this show. J.C Staff bring us bright animation but didn’t save this anime. Opening and Ending themes are light-hearted colorful galore. Characters are semi-passable and there is a season 2. Arthurs fighting with flashy weapons didn’t do it justice. Million Arthur is available to watch at Crunchyroll. If you are a fa n of slapstick dry humor. Buy Square Enix Million Arthur Arcana Blood for PlayStation 4 and PC on Amazon.


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