Top 5 Video Game Music That Should Be Used As National Anthem



What is National Anthem?



National Anthem is about freedom and justice for our country. People fight and died in vain for this song. There is meaning to the song itself and who wrote it. Living in a country with opportunities and trying to live a better life. There is a dark road went people take. Some people are not born with a fork and spoon in their mouths. We people have to survive another day. The song doesn’t touch everyone but certain individuals with a heart of gold. The National Anthem doesn’t end hate in the world. People have different beliefs and views of the world. Praising your flag and paying homage to those who die for your freedom. Sorry for rambling about the National Anthem and its meaning. Let’s talk about video game music in a nutshell.


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Video game music plays a huge part in gaming. The composers puts their feeling into their piece. Music score ranges from heroic to suspenseful depending on the game. I really enjoy the music back in the 80s and 90s. Present music does intrigue me too but don’t hold up. Everybody hear that Sonic Adventure 2 City Escape was considered to be used as National Anthem. I find that pretty funny and awkward. What about my picks on video game music for the National Anthem. I have some songs that I wanted to replace for Nation Anthem. Here is my top 5 list of video game music for the Anthem.



5. Serious Sam HD the First Encounter – Hatshepsut Intro



In the beginning of Single Player mode, you will see a scrolling text about game’s plot. Sam uses a time machine to destroy enemies from another dimension. The teleporting sequence reminds me of Stargate for some reason. Hatshepsut is apart of the Egypt level in the first level. The music feature drums and scfi feels into the song. This intro is Sam is prepare to kick some butt and save the world. After Sam teleports in a humorous way. You are ready to fight and feel patriotic. Hatshepsut intro is perfect for the Anthem. The army should use this song for fighting a war.



4. Blazblue – Bang Shishigami theme Gale



Blazblue favorite ninja Bang Shishigami is burning with justice. His playstyle is orthodox and challenge to use. Gale is very uplifting and have people want to do good. The guitar and drum make the song more wondrous. I think Bang is suited for this theme because of his fighting spirit. He burn for love for Litchi Fey Ling. Willing to help other in need, Gale is a great addition for the Anthem. Do you want to feel like a hero? Bang Shihigami theme will burn your heart for justice.


3. Final Fantasy Vii- Rufus Inauguration



After president Shinra is killed by Sephiroth. Cloud goes undercover as a soldier for Rufus Inauguration. The player must walk in line with the other soldiers. You have to impress Rufus himself. Nobou Umematsu did a great job with this piece. I remember failing at the drills and getting items. Rufus Inauguration is a great soundtrack for the Anthem. This song could be use in the military and football games.


2. Pokemon Stadium 2 – Poke Cup Battle Theme



Pokemon Stadium 2 is the last game that has 3D arena battle. The battle theme music is filled with happiness. This soundtrack is filled with trumpets and bells making it holy. The song is heart-felt and joy in fighting a Pokemon battle. I can see this in a sports game using this song. It’s been a while seen I have played this. Hoping it give the Anthem a shot one day.


1. Street Fighter 2 – Guile theme



Guile is consider the most popular character in Street Fighter. There is a meme on the internet called “Guile theme goes with everything”. It’s been trending on YouTube ever seen someone made it. Guile is a American solider and war hero. This theme goes so well for Army Veterans who serve our country. Once you hear his theme song you have to be proud. Americans should rise up for this theme song. Guile is what being American is all about justice and freedom. There should be a petition for Guile theme for the Anthem.



Those are my choices for top 5 video game music that should be used in National Anthem. I want to see what you guys choose. Put it in the comments and thanks for reading. Let us hope some of these song may be used in the National Anthem. I don’t think it might happen but we can only dream. We have to be proud of being born in a country. Many people are not fortunate to be bless with an opportunity.


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