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Shenmue I and II Summary




Shenmue I and II is a compilation game developed by Sega. This bundle is promoting Shenmue III and a remastered from Sega Dreamcast era. Shenmue is an open world adventure game takes a story about revenge. Yu Suzuki created the series and known for his other works like Virtua Fighter and Space Harrier. Suzuki left Sega and started his own company Ys Net. Ys Net worked on Shenmue III which critics have mixed receptions about. Shenmue takes you on a journey to find answers and questions on your purpose. Player’s take control of Ryo Hanzuki, a teenage looking for clues on his father’s death. The main villain Lan Di wants the dragon mirror due to Ryo father past mistakes. Ryo quest to find about his father killer and other surprises. In gameplay, players can talk to townspeople to learn clues.



Shemmue 1
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There are some side activities like gambling, playing arcade games and training. Certain clues will show in your notebook. Note: you have to complete certain tasks during morning or night. There is a timer that indicates how many hours in a day. Shenmue have a day/night system which you can do activities while waiting for your next mission. Ryo can collect capsules based on Sega properties like Sonic and Virtua Fighter. Learn moves with masters of Martial Arts. Shenmue have a combat which is linear and influence by Virtua Fighter. You have punch, kick, block/evade and throw, which you can mash together. It comes abit tedious, but players will master these moves. You can run while in battle and counter attacks.



Hanzuki way


While combat is a factor in Shenmue games. There is a quick time event, if timed correctly you will successful. If the player doesn’t input the right command on QTE, the is not game over but retry. In mid game, Ryo can get jobs to earn money but it’s apart of the story. In Shenmue II, you can get a part time jobs to earn money. Each morning Ryo can money from his caretaker. During dialogue, you have a choices that affect the game. The sequel expands that, but I will talk more about it. Ryo can ride bus and drive vehicles. He can use the telephone to call people and help people. Ryo meets characters like Master Chen, Nozomi, Tom and others. The game is straight forward open world adventure. Shenmue II is a straight forward sequel to the first.


How to Find Warehouse #8
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Note: You can import your save data to sequel. Shenmue II doesn’t take place in Japan but Hong Kong, China. Ryo Hanzuki is searching for Lan DI and Yuandana Zhu. He meets Joy and Ren on his adventure The search for Lan Di continues with Ryo. While in Hong Kong, you will find apartments, jobs and thieves. Shenmue II is one step ahead of first game. Although, it plays similar to first one. This time while talking to people, they can lead you to your destination. You can even ask where to look for a part time job. Ryo can have people but being a good Samaritan. Combat has changed, now enemies have a lifebar like Ryo. There is fast travel from the first game went in an apartment. Exploration is still there moving from one street to another.



Trouble in China


Ryo Hanzuki can learn Wude martial arts from four masters. QTE is back, while doing work and combat. Ryo will run into trouble like the first game. Make sure to learn how to fight in the game. Shenmue II mashed together with Chinese culture. While first Shenmue I game have Japanese culture. Shenmue I and II bundle has aspect ratio like 4:3 and 16:8. There is an option for Japanese and English voices. Players can save and load your progress. In-game, you can view photos, toy capsules and etc. Alright after talking about both games without spoilers. Shenmue I and II is a heartfelt and breathtaking game. Soundtrack is amazing piece by 6 composers making it a masterpiece. Exploring china and japan has never been so great.


Quick Time Event
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Voice acting did a phenomenal job and character design is spot on. Cutscenes sets the game’s tone from mellow drama to sad snowy night. Ryo character is to avenge his father’s death but others think it’s reckless. Various characters look out for Hanzuki and how he impacted people’s lives. He learns that revenge might lead him down the path of disaster. Shenmue series is considered the greatest games of all time. Story-wise and setting on the game. I forgot to talk about Shenmue weather system. Making it more realistic than games like Grand Theft Auto. Note: Shenmue influence games like Yakuza and Fallout 3. I love how the game have some Sega classic games in arcade center. What can I say about this game in general.




Shenmue I and II is far one of my favorite games of all time next to Final Fantasy 7. The game makes you want to stay up all night. Players will want to find out what happens next. Puzzle solving is not to bad but don’t make the game fall. Shenmue does provide a challenging aspect to the game. Aside from the mundane QTE and have to be precise. Shenmue series is a hidden mystery of the truth. If you ever play the Dreamcast version of the game. Fans will feel right at home with this one. That being said, Shenmue I and II is a must buy with retro gaming players out there. Some combat is clunky and monotony but it’s minor issue. Another one is waiting for a certain time to finish story mission. Aside from that I love this game and you should too.




Shenmue I and II is available on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One on Amazon. I wonder how will the story continue after Shenmue II. Note: If you want to see the fully story, type Shenmue: The Movie on Google or YouTube.


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