Super Dragon Ball Heroes – Save the Universe Promotional Anime Review



Super Dragon Ball Heroes Summary



Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a promotional anime based on the card game Dragon Ball Heroes. The plot comes after Dragon Ball Super Universe Survival Saga. Note: Some characters appear in this series such as Hit, Jiren and more. Just like Super, Dragon Ball Heroes have story arcs like Prison Planet. Goku and Vegeta is training with Whis. Future Trunks is captured by Fu from the Prison Planet. Goku and Vegeta goes to the Prison Planet. While looking for Trunks, Goku and Vegeta found another version of themselves. Note: Goku and Vegeta Dragon Ball GT. The one behind the kidnapping is Fu, who wants to collect data for his plan. Fu release Cumber who is strong and can brainwash anymore with his aura. After the battle, Prison Planet is about to blow up just like Frieza saga, Goku stays behind.



Super Dragon Ball Heroes world mission
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Universal Conflict Arc starts off after Prison Planet Arc. There is a new villain name Hearts that wants to destroy the planet. Hearts and his gang fight Hit, Kale, Cabba and Caulifla. Zamasu joins the side of evil and returns to fight the heroes. After where Goku returns and battle Hearts forces like Oren and Kamin. After defeating the twins, Goku and the Z Fighters face Hearts. Vegeta and Goku fuse to Gogeta and defeated Hearts. Now, Fu is still experimenting some a plan. The next story arc is Big Bang Mission Arc in March 2020. There is special arc called “Decisive Battle Time Patrol Vs the King of the Darkness Realm” in February 2020.



One Short of Dragon Ball


Super Dragon Ball Heroes is not a series but Japanese original net animation. Fan will notice to episode length not 24 mins. The series is pretty short which turn Dragon Ball fans off. Toei Animation is still involve in the series. Although it’s still early in the series that Dragon Ball Heroes characters will make it to the anime. It was good to see some Dragon Ball Super characters make it in this series. Cooler make an appearance but fight alongside of Z Fighters. He has a Golden form like Frieza and in a different universe. You know Trunks is apart of this story went it comes to timelines. The fighting is still the same as Super.


Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime
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There is some problem with the series. Make the episode 24 minutes or 20 if possible. Aside from that Super Dragon Ball Heroes is not a bad ONA but mixed feeling about it. The show is still ongoing and make story arcs might come out on a later date. There is still a lot of question about alternate version of Goku and Vegeta. Along with defeating the Onmi King and Fu’s master plan. I know the digital card game is in Japan and not hit stateside yet. Bandai might bring it to the US one day because popularity of the Dragonball series around the world. All of the characters retain their personalities and traits from Dragon Ball Super.





Overall, Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime is average but fall flat. Viewers will get all the Dragon Ball action on a short run time. Sometime it recycles the some troupe as Dragon Ball Z. Sometimes it leaves us with unanswered questions who characters come back to life. People will think this is the sequel to Dragon Ball Super but it’s not. Dragon Ball GT is one and don’t have a positive reception. GT is considered the worst out of the Dragon Ball Series. I am not go into GT too much. If you want to watch Super Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime go right ahead. The anime is promoting the arcade card game just like first season of High Score Girl.


Crumber vs Goku
Image: Toei Animation


You make find gameplay videos on YouTube of Dragon Ball Heroes. Again, this is not anime TV series but ONA. Goku takes on the universe greatest threats with his friends. If you want to watch this promotional anime search it on Google. You might enjoy it and some may not. Fans will have to wait months for new episodes to release. I hope some of the heroes characters make it to Dragon Ball Fighter Z like Cumber.


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