Pumpkin Jack and The Button Witch Indie Game Hands On



The Button Witch


The Button Witch is a casual adventure puzzle game developed by Ddreamsgames. Ddreamsgames brought you games like The Angel Inn and Dungeon Dreams. The Button Witch revolves around a young witch who wants apprenticeship. She stumble on a letter to go to a manor. This young witch have to solve puzzles to enter the manor and learn magic. Player’s take control of the young witch and puzzle solving. You meet quirky cast of characters and help them solve their problems. Young witch uses her magic to light up lanterns and magnetism. She will learn more as the game progresses. You can use your inventory for solving puzzles. First, you have to interact with the object. Afterwards, prompt you to select the item for that puzzle. The Button Witch is a winnable game, there is no game over.


The Button Witch gameplay
Image: Ddreamsgames


There are multiple endings as well. The Button Witch is reminds me of Harry Potter. It has mysteries and wonders in this game. DDreamsGames did a game job with the soundtrack that reminds me of Ms Dos games. Artwork is done by Caterina Capogrossi with abstract piece of work. The puzzles are very challenging and a hint system is available. Hint system is just like LucasArts games like Monkey Island and more. The Button Witch is a one of a charm game with pleasant graphics and design. I found myself struggling with looking for piece of a code for puzzles. Top down view reminds me of Escaped Charsm and Dungeon Crawler. If you want a casual puzzle solver, The Button Witch is for you. The Button Witch is available on Itch.Io.





Pumpkin Jack



Pumpkin Jack is a 3D action adventure game developed by NicolasMey. The plot revolves around a Kingdom Boredom (no kidding), where Devil is bored and summons Jack. Pumpkin Jack one mission is to find and defeat Wizard. The game reminds me of Jack & Daxter and Medievil. Players control Jack to defeat the forces of darkness. Jack con solve puzzles with using his head. He can use a crow and weapons. Players will learn special abilities and solving puzzles. There is a respawn cauldron with you can restore health. After your death, players can respawn in that exact spot. Jack can fight bosses and interact with characters. There is 7 levels and enemies from hell itself. You can collect crow eyes and souls.


Pumpkin Jack gameplay
Image: NicolasMey.


Pumpkin Jack is a game that reminds you of PS2 adventure games. The game is very spooky with lighthearted humor. In-game dialogue will have you chuckling and awkward. Graphic is very smooth and vibrant with standard PS2 design. The story is revolves around boredom which the game is not. Don’t worry about being bored with Pumpkin Jack. Challenging puzzles will test your wits and replay value for completionist. Pumpkin Jack could be speedrun if there is a full version of the game. I highly enjoy playing the demo and love to see more. When you trying to defeat a enemies they don’t fall back but keep attack. That’s one of the problem with the game. Overall, Pumpkin Jack will cure your boredom and available now on Itch.io.


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