Rage Quitting Feel the Anger While Playing Video Games




What is Rage Quitting?



Rage quitting is term that involve in playing video games. It’s went a gamer gets irate and frustrated at the game. Rage quitting occurs went doesn’t go the way they wanted. Perhaps, the player is really go at the game. Rage quit is taking out your anger towards the game. I just want to say “don’t hate the player hate the game”. Sometimes video games don’t go the way I have wanted too. I don’t rage quit what so ever but I have to accept the loss. There are many games allowing players to rage quit. Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Fortnite and League of Legends. There is more games that players have rage quit from. I understand that frustrating can lead to bad behavior. Getting upset at a game will not do anything. If you don’t like the game, get off it now.

David Katz
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Use that anger to be good at the game. Watch professional players and streamers for pointers. I have watch Esports players to be good at fighting games and more. There is some downsides on rage quitting in video games. There is one news stories about a Fortnite player rage quitting and killed his parents. He broke his headphones and leads to aggression for murder. What about the Madden 2019 mail shooting in Jacksonvile Landing. David Katz suffers from Dysthymia because he loses a few rounds. Katz rage quitted because players were better than him. Sometimes rage quitting leads to violence behavior like video game cause aggression. You may rage quit on the hardest game ever. But don’t take it out on other people who enjoy the game.


Need help with rage quit


Sometimes we have anger issues and take it out on people. We have real life situations that upset us like jobs, school and many more. When we get angry, there is a darker side that comes up.  Punch the wall or break your TV. You might say “Anjim I can’t stop rage quitting” I would say practice makes perfect. You have to grind and be better at the game. Video games are not a person to be angry at. It just a game, you win some or lose some. Sure, you will rage quit online matches of Tekken 7 and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Not everyone have a high speed internet connection. Don’t tell that player “your connection sucks”. All of people can’t afford better internet connection get your facts straight. In order to stop rage quitting, learn from other players and adapted your own skills.



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There are YouTubers who rage quit like Darkside Phil (DSP), who is known for this. Boogie2988 character Francis rage quit in gaming. Different demographic rage quit like kid to adult. In my opinion, rage quitting is bad and immature thing to do. Whether you are playing, Heartstone Dark Souls 3, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Mortal Kombat. Sometimes breaking a controller, computer or any electronic doesn’t do justice. There is a series called Rage Quit on Rooster Teeth. Check out Rooster Teeth’s YouTube Channel. Is life unfair or playing a video game without angry? Look I enjoy playing video games but sometimes relive stress throughout my day. If I am having a bad day at work. I just want to relax and play video games.


Boogie2988 rage
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Rage quit the game


People rage quit in many video game genre like platformer, fighter and shooter. Some games make you want to table flip like Cuphead. Cuphead was a pain to play but love the animation. More Cuphead review in the blogpost. I don’t condemn rage quitting but not even a Popeyes Chicken Sandwich. You can make the chicken sandwich at home. Raging at the game will destroy your stress level. Video games are meant to be fun. Not to destroy your life or ruin it. I know people lost their jobs due to rage quitting. What about their society life as well? In closing, don’t do it find out your strengths and weakness in gaming. You may rage quit for comedy or take it out on the game. Angry can consume you don’t let it.


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