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Crazy and Weird Indie Games


There are some crazy and weird indies games I have came across in 2020. I am going to list some indie games that I really enjoy playing. Well, I will play more indies whether it’s on PC or Mobile. Hoping to reach out to indie developer for free or paid games. I am on a tight budget went it comes to purchasing games on Steam and Life gets into the way of playing these indies. One day, I like to try all indie games if it’s good or bad. These developers need more recognition then mainstream ones. I have come across some zancy indies but still play them. Enough of me rambling out indie games and why I love them. Here is the list of games that I found weird.



Teturss – Abject


Tetuss Gameplay
Image: Abject


Teturss is a Russian Tetris indie game developed by Abject. I am loving the red army choir and the soundtrack. There is four game modes such as Marathon which you can go on forever. 40 Lines is how quickly you can get 40 lines. Cleaning is clear gray blocks to win the game. The gameplay is the standard Tetris style and go faster after completing. Your control is rotate (right or left), hold and movement (left or right). Tetruss have some bugs after completing the level. There is no translation to the next one. You have to press esc for retry or go back to the menu. Gameplay is very simple stacking tetrominos and clearing boards. There is no line clearing or tetromino lock interruption. If you want a fun and Russian pixel art Tetris. Tetruss is available on



Dawn of Malice – Whiteleaf Studio


Dawn of Malice
Image: Whiteleaf Studio


Dawn of Malice is a visual novel indie game developed by Whiteleaf Studio. The plot is your father move into another country. You move into a small town with your roommate and mother (?). During your move, the protagonist look for work and goes to school. In Dawn of Malice, you can select a alignment (good, neutral or evil) using pipboy from Fallout. By selecting a mortal, it will effect the choices you make in-game. The gameplay is mixes with a point n click with visual novel elements. There is a relationship meter while interacting with the characters. A map that allows player to visit places of interest. Dawn of Malice has some adult content that suitable for younger audience. The game graphics looks like a indie comic style and flush out environments. Dawn of Malice is available to try on



Our Love Escape – Refine Works and Top Hat Studios


Our Lovely Escape Gameplay
Image: Refine Works and Top Hat Studios


Our Love Escape is a visual novel developed by Reine Works and Top Hat Studios. The plot of the game is you are an employee in a visual novel company called Reine Work (same name as developer). Players can choose a man or woman depending on choice. Depending on your relationship with the three female characters. You can explore those routes and endings. Our Love Escape pokes fun of making otome games and gamers asking for free copy of the game. I was called out in that game hehe. Our Love Escape have gorgeous artwork with HD goodies. Soundtrack is amazing with thrilling and turmoil scenes went confronting characters. Our Love Escape is available on and support them.



Maison Kanraku The Second Climax – Tchagata Games
Maison Kanraku: The Second Climax gameplay
Image: Tchagata Games


Maison Kanraku The Second Climax is a puzzle-adventure that inspired by NEC PC – Engine. The concept of the game is to collect tapes and throw panties to distract landlords. The game is very simple and challenging. If you get caught by the landlord and janitor. The game reset and you have to go back to the beginning. Masion Kanruaku is very easy to play and little weird. Players can choose up to man or woman. Get to the exit and complete a series of level or challenges. Maison Kanruaku The Second Climax is available to play on


Monster Girl University – Nyakochan
Monster Girl University Gameplay
Image: Nyakochan


Monster Girl University is a visual novel rpg indie game developed by Nyakochan. Note: this game is early stage in development. Players take control of a college girl named Alex who gets suck into another world filled with monster girls. Alex apply to Monster Girl University being the only human in that school. She learns about customs of Monster Girl University such as fighting and dating. In Monster Girl University, you can battle, buy items and complete side quests. The whole game reminds me of Dungeon Dreams with it’s top-down perspective. I think the game takes inspiration from Rosario Vampire and other Isekai anime show. While in battle, you can earn skills like team attacks and battling enemies with humorous dialogue. Monster Girl University might have some lgbt romance and available to try out on Will you survive Monster Girl University and get back home?


Mirilla’s Adventure – Verging Mary Studio
Mirilla's Adventure gameplay
Image: Verging Mary Studio


Mirilla’s Adventure is a rouge-like indie game that revolves around collecting materials. Players control a witch named Mirilla who collects materials for her master Makita. In order to pay her rent, she needs to gather materials and sell them. Players can craft items and pay your master. Mirilla has a familiar that helps her gather materials. There are fairies to fight off enemies and take damage. You can heal them by using the mouse. Mirilla’s Adventure takes inspiration from Minecraft and Terraria using crafting system. Mirilla’s Adventure is a very easy to play indie game. The problem is there is no option for knowing about button configurations. Players must guess what buttons to use. Overall, it’s not a bad good but there is a lot of crafting. The game is available on






I love Our Love Escape visual novel game because it reminds me of Sakano How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend. There will be a blogpost about that anime coming soon. Soundtrack is amazing and maybe I will link it. Crystal clear hd character designs and throw shades at bloggers and streamers. Well I am doing a min-review on Our Love Escape and love it. Monster Girl University is a fun-felt game with crazy and weird character designs. There is a lot of crazy and weird indie games out there. Don’t worry I will find some crazy and weird indie games in 2020. As for Dawn of Malice lets not hope Bethesda doesn’t sue for using pipboy. Tetruss need multiplayer online or offline and fixes some bugs. Maison Kanraku is prevented but historical.



Give these indie games I tried if you like. More indie mini-reviews and showcase coming soon. Keep reading and supporting me in my blogging journey.


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