Why There No Video Game Shows on TV Anymore




Video Game TV Shows


I wonder why there no video game tv shows  showing up on Verizon, Comcast and Dish. Remember G4tv which is a network that focus on video games because there is not female viewers but only young male adults. Do you remember shows like X-Play and Attack of the Show that was the hit shows on G4 but it’s gone. X Play is a show featuring Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb. The duo review video games in a humorous fashion. Adam and Morgan rated games 1-5 depending on their preference and gameplay. The duo review retro games from early 2000s and beyond. X Play tv show doesn’t always cover reviews but segments like proving cheat codes. Face Time with different celebrities and video game directors. Spoiler Theater is showcasing video game endings and The X-Play Challenge revolves around speedrunning.


X-PLay TV Series
Image: G4TV


X Play have characters and interns does work on the show. The show was funny and amazingly good. I remember going home and watching X Play after school. Morgan and Adam reviews game I have owned and didn’t. I have fond memories watching it and during E3 2018. Morgan and Adam reunited to cover Doom. It was great to see these two again. I am hoping to see a revived X Play in the near future. G4 TV had other shows like American Ninja Warrior, Arena and more I didn’t watch too much Attack of the Show but it covers video games, movies and more. There was some notable people on G4 like Jessica Chobot, Chris Hardwick, Oliva Munn and Geoff Keighley. After the fall of G4 TV, some of them went to produce and co-host other shows. Jessica Chobot is now on Nedist and Will Wheaton host TableTop (YouTube Channel).


Other Shows


X Play was not the only show that covers video games. Starcade is a show that players must win three rounds to complete a game. There are two players in each team, each contestant answer questions to get the highest score within time limit. Afterwards, play a particular game to earn a high score within the time limit. Whoever gets the high score in the choice of the game wins. Second and third rounds is name that game. The player must name three games to win the round. There is a bonus round and a prize for the winner. Starcade only features 80s games like Dragons Lair, Donkey King and Sinistar. These shows are live action in television. There is some animated video game shows like The Power Team, Captain N The Game Master and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.


Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Netflix
Image: WildBrain Studios HMH Productions I Can & I Will Productions


Sadly, there is no more video game based shows like X Play anymore. We live in a digital age and it’s 2019. There is YouTube, Mixer and Twitch that covers video games. I don’t really pay attention to those shows on the internet like G4. Video game journalist websites like IGN, Kotaku and GameSpot coves everything in gaming. YouTube Channels like Angry Joe, Angry Video Game Nerd and others use skits to bring humor in reviews. Other YouTubers probably got inspiration from X-Play during production of their videos. The best thing that happen in television is gone from my childhood. Myself, I am not a huge video game producer like Jontron and Pewdiepie. I love video games and hoping to spread my message to people.


Angry Joe
Image: Youtube


Gaming in Multi Media

Expressing your love of video games different forms of media is great. There are television, internet and books talking about video games. Whatever the case maybe, there are individuals who wants to spread love for gaming. I am one of them and inspired by different people who loves video games. I am happy to grow up in a digital age. Nowadays, people review retro and present games that make me laugh. Television is not cater to reality, sitcoms and sports. Along with movies and news that covers what happen in the world. I am guessing there is no room for video games on TV. Thankful people have the internet for their daily feed for video games. You can get video game magazines at Gamestop to find out what is going on. Never stop express your life for video games.



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