Marvel Vs Capcom Roster Changes and Wishlist for Characters


Details about Marvel Vs Capcom Roster


Marvel vs Capcom roster is the most wish-for topic in the gaming industry. Fans want their favorite Capcom or Marvel character in their dream game. There is a roster that Capcom might create another Marvel vs Capcom from Maxmillion Dood video. Marvel vs Capcom infinite was stagnated due to watered down system. Capcom reuses mechanics from MVC3 and characters. A lot of people was not happy with the roster. There were lack of X-men characters and Deadpool. Well, Sony got the rights to those characters thanks to Marvel. However, there are talks about being Sony, Disney and Marvel together in the future. I am hoping to see how it turns out. Infinite was fun and accessible to beginner players. Mechanics were talking from MVC2 and Marvel Super Heroes gem system. It was great to see Guardians, Captain Marvel, Black Panther and many more.

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Character Select
Image: Capcom


Capcom side was jarring and don’t offer variety. MVCI roster was 30 playable characters less than Ultimate. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 had 56 characters which reused sprites from past Capcom Games. MVC consist a smaller roster in the series. Each MVC series have a particular gameplay system as well. First MVC have 2vs2 tag battle and assist only characters. Marvel vs Capcom 2 had 3vs3 with no assist-only characters. UMVC still retain 3vs3 from second game and have X-Factor. Infinite reuses MVC1 and Marvel Super Heroes mechanics. I would say MVC2 is far supreme than past games. Roster wise to that extend and have a good battle system.

Wishlist Roster


marvel vs capcom clash of super heroes
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Fans who wanted a game like this tend to wish. Even time Marvel Vs Capcom game is announced, fans will make a wishlist. Wishlists goes on until their favorite characters is in. In crossover games, fans will not be happy about character choice. Sometimes it’s up to the developers to choose. People want their dream game and don’t care about other opinions. Video game developers does listen to fans but will not take it lightly. Depending on the character and how it fits within the game. Developer have to do research and find ways to incorporate them. There is nothing wrong with asking for characters. The suggestion must be run by the director or producer.


Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite
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In closing, roster size do matter for fans. Wishing may not become true but hoping is. It doesn’t matter about roster size in the game. Just have fun with the game. Developers puts their heart and soul into the game. They’ve cater to beginners and veterans of fighting games. Jump Force had a wishlist of characters today. Gamers will continue to debate what characters they want to see. I am one of them as well. Whatever the roster is I might still have mixed reactions. Overall I am still have fun regarding stagger the size of the characters. Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 is available too on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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