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Cheap Gaming Chair



Cheap Gaming Chairs is the best deal than spending over 100 bucks. You see gaming chairs at Esports and streaming. There is a lot of gaming chair companies like DXRacer, AKRacing, Vetagear and GT Omega Racing. Gaming chairs range from big and tall along with back support. Is your feet tired? What about for bed and footrest? Don’t worry there is one for a short person due to height. Sometimes weight can be a problem as well. I am a heavy person but there is a chair for 300lb. A lot of retailer have gaming chairs like Walmart, Home Depot, Ikea and Best Buy. You can go to your local stores to buy them. Right now is the biggest retailer called Amazon. Amazon got sweet deals and cheaper options. You can get a good gaming chair for under 100.

Ninja Gaming Chair
Image: Ninja


Choose a gaming chair with neck support and a pillow is great. Do you want to a comfortable gaming chair? Gaming chairs are used for streaming, sleeping and doing office work. I believe in my sponsored page, there is a promo code to get a discount. A gaming chair are very expensive and comes with different colors. I forgot YouTubers have a gaming chair as well. There are chair for video game consoles like Xbox 1 and PS4. In this buyers guide, I don’t want gamers to spend over 150 and 180 bucks. There is more in your wallet than being cheap. Let’s get on with this gaming chair buyer’s guide.


5. Homall Gaming Chair

Homall Gaming Chair Office Computer Chair Racing Desk Chair Ergonomic High Back Adjustable Swivel Chair PU Leather Executive Chair for Adults with Flip Up Padded Arms (Red)
Image: Amazon



Homall Gaming included with headrest and lumbar support. The colors range from white, blue, purple and blue. If you want to rest, Homall have a tilt locking mechanism. Capacity weight is up to 300 lbs and height 17.7 – 20.0 inch. Homall gaming chair have neck, shoulders and head support. This racing chair have full steel frame and PU wheels. If your Homall Gaming Chair is broken, there is a warranty for replacing missing parts within one year. Another option for a refund within 1 month of purchase. Optional if you want a expert assembly but not recommended. Homall Gaming Chair price is $89.98 dollars to buy on Amazon.



4. OMF Racing Style Gaming Chair

OFM Essentials Collection High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair, in Blue (ESS-3086-BLU)
Image: Amazon


OMG Racing Style Gaming Chair makes streamers feel conformable. There is an integrated padded headrest and arm support. Segmented padded seat design for sitting and back support. Adjustable seat back recline control for arms. Mesh color design with purple and black reminds me of Twitch. Maximum capacity 275 lb weight and fit for average person. OMG Racing Style Gaming Chair colors comes with Green, Red, Pink and White. The price for this chair is $96.49 on Amazon. Optional expert assembly and protection plan.



3. Smugchair Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office



Smugchair Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office Chair Desk Chair Executive Bonded Leather Computer Chair, Yellow
Image: Amazon

Smugchair Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office  is a standard one for streaming and working. The design have a comfortable seat cushion for back support. Looped armrest and head support. Material of Softhead leather with a sleek look. Height adjustment and tilt control. Capacity is 300 Ib and great for long gaming streams.  The price is $69.99 with free shipping. Optional accident protection plan, if there is missing parts or broken. Make sure to buy it on Amazon.



2. Gaming Chair Office Pink


Gaming Chair Office Chair Desk Chair Ergonomic Executive Swivel Rolling Computer Chair with Lumbar Support, Pink
Image: Amazon


Gaming Chair Office Pink is for ladies with lavish pink. You gamer girls out there would love this racing chair. The brand is BestOffice and includes two pillows for neck and back support. The pasd makes you feel conformable. You can adjust the height and spin 360 degree angle. This chair takes 10-15 mins to install. Chair capacity is up to 250lb along with bas 2500 lbs. A heavy and small person would try this chair. BestOffice Gaming Chair comes with two colors pink and white. The price is 84.99 and free shipping on Amazon.



1. AuAg Ergonomic Gaming Chair


 AuAg Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable High-Back PU Leather Office Chair Computer Desk Chair Executive Ergonomic Style Swivel Video Chair.
Image: Amazon



AuAg Gaming Chair Racing is a trusted quality product. This chair is more efficient and comfortable for all body types. You can recline the chair with 90-150 degree angle. Customers can choose any color like blue, red and white. Ergonomic design more sitting for long periods of time. Softer material and easy to clean. Heavy duty metal for stability and mobility around places. AuAg gaming chair price is $85.99 on Amazon.



Enjoy sitting and gaming all day? If you don’t like the options for Amazon. There are others retailers like Staples and Sam’s Club. In Esports, you see the top players uses these chairs. First, you have to invest money because some are them is expensive. If you are a influencer or YouTuber that offers promo codes. Chances of getting a sale is slim. I am hoping people buy these chairs with my Amazon Affiliate link for support. Hoping to reach out to Gaming Chair brands for partnership. I have to get a decent following on my social media. See what chair is best for you.

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