I Hate DLC and Microtransactions In Gaming Content



Why I Hate DLC and Microtransactions


This article goes without saying that I hate DLC and Microtransactions in gaming content. One day I was on my PS4 while browsing in PS Store. PS Store had a Japan Sale with Tekken, SoulCalibur VI and Dragon Ball FighterZ sale. While the sale ends 9/24/19, I am was going to buy DLC content for those three games. Thinking to myself, I could get the complete edition of the game. Just like Mortal Kombat XL and Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 with all the downloadable content. I deleted all my save data for Tekken, Soul Calibur VI and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Blazblue Cross Tag Battle I deleted from PSN as well. I had enough of buying dlc for these games. Vow to not playing another game that have too much dlc. Hoping to trade them in at Gamestop at Prince Georgia’s Plaza.


battlefront microtransactions
Image: EA


Spiderman 2018 will be deleted and traded in as well. Luckily, I got Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition for PS4 with all the dlc content. There is one expectation on buying Darkseid for dlc. I got the rest of the characters for free. I understand that game developers need money and all content not on disc.  Heard there is a crackdown on Microtransactions on video games. People think it’s gambling and illegal for players to pay real money for content. Look at EA games on their latest on Battlefront series. You can read that whole article if you like. For those, who don’t know what dlc means. DLC stands for downloadable content like a add-ons for better user experience. Game developers use dlc to generate revenue to create more content.



Mo money some problems


DLC is what keeps companies alive unlike the old days. Sure there are expansions and collector’s editions. Gamer doesn’t have a lot of money like that. Downloadable content is very optional and nobody is forcing you to get it. I understand people feel rip-off and waste of money. Some company offer free dlc which is satisfying and exceptional. Still, I want all the content in one disc like Angry Joe Street Fighter X Tekken video. I could agree more with his wording and ranting. DLC has been around for 10 years and still hated it. Almost every game have dlc and it will not stop me from playing. Downloadable content is a pillar of woe and marketing practices. Money is a factor for companies to stay afloat.


league of legends store
Image: Riot Games


Arc System Works Daisuke says so himself about dlc. When people was upset about Blazblue Cross Tag Battle dlc strategies. What about other games like League of Legends? I love their currency system of Riot points and Blue Essences. Blue Essences is in-game currency and can be earn while playing. Riot points is using real money to buy things. Brawlhalla original coins system is a scam and you can’t buy thing. You will need Mammoth Coins to buy all skins and add-ons. I am doing a Brawlhalla currency system blogpost soon. Fortnite and Paladins Champions of the Realm have free or paid battle tiers. I did have issues with the tier system as well. There is some benefits for free battle tier pass but paid get more to offer. Players must grind for hours to get that loot. Paid tier pass get content with ease.



Will DLC go away?


In my opinion, I don’t think DLC will go away. People need money to survive or else go bankrupt. Having everything on disc will benefit players and save money. My mindset is I like to wait for the price to drop. Also wait for the developers release a complete version of the game like Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition. That way you save money and don’t buy additional dlc. I know people will hate me for making this article. Are you tired of buying add-ons instead of saving for bills and etc? If you love more content and dlc buy it by all means. Some gaming companies can be a cash-cow but look at the other side. Put yourself in the companies shoes and see why dlc is important to them. They look for feedback and community for more content.


Fortnite tiers
Image: Epic Games


Gaming companies don’t care I hate dlc and microtransactions. They want the fans to be happy and share their experiences. Whether it’s tending on Twitter or making a YouTube video about it. Money is power in video game industry. More content brings gamers together with developers. Bigger demands means money do you agree. Still I hate dlc and microtransactions due to money issues. I don’t want to feel rip-off and doesn’t make my money’s worth. Soon I am taking a stand on this. No more buying games with a lot of dlc content. Wait until all the seasons of dlc come out. I want all the content in one disc. That’s all I am asking for these video game developers.


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