Brawlhalla In Game Currency and Mammoth Coins



Brawlhalla in Game Currency Rant



Brawlhalla in game currency doesn’t offer much then Mammoth Coins. You earn them while playing but don’t have any benefits to them. There is no loot boxes like League of Legends, Overwatch and Apex Legends. You have to buy Mammoth Coins with real money. That feels like a rip-off of some sort. I brought the new legends pack from Steam a long time ago. There was some benefits to it but I don’t get crossover skins. I felt rip-off but it didn’t include the crossover skins from Hellboy, WWE and Rayman. During my playthough of Brawlhalla, I couldn’t buy anything with in-game currency. Although, I have leveled up my legends with new colors and stats. You don’t get new weapons or skins, which is a pain. There is no point on grinding for coins, if you don’t get anything out of it.


Brawlhalla Store
Image: Mammoth Games


Sure you work hard for earning coins in-game. I think the Brawlhalla in game currency system is weak. Understandable that Mammoth Games need money to stay afloat. I would suggest uses the League of Legends method of buying skins and etc. League of Legends have a Blue Essence and Riot Point system. No one will ever use real money to buy content. Not a lot of people don’t have the funds for these items. I would make skins, overlays and weapons use in-game currency or Mammoth Coins. Allow players to earn them instead of making them use real money. That’s all I am asking for Blue Mammoth Games. Overall, I love the game and got a lot of viewers while streaming. Brawlhalla store have a lot of items to buy.



Mammoth Coins frenzy


Mammoth coins is the selling point of Brawlhalla. Without Mammoth coins you will not able to unlock new skins and legends. There is no loot boxes for players who level grind. Players can rank while earning coins after end of the match. There are many ways to earn currency in Brawlhalla. You can play online or offline matches. Completing daily challenges and many more scenarios. There is no certain method on earning Mammoth Coins other than your wallet. That being said, Brawlhalla is still a successful game like Super Smash Bros. Brawlhalla have tournaments and collaborations with different brands. Money is always a pillar in developing video games. There is no other way around this. Maybe one day Mammoth Games might come up with a new buying system.


Loot Box Overwatch
Image: Blizzard Entertainment



Right now, we have to use Mammoth coins to purchase items. Some people will cheat and use generators for Mammoth Coins. You have to got to PSN shop or Xbox Store for buying packs of Mammoth Coins. Steam might have some in their store. I don’t know about gift cards like League of Legends. Brawlhalla in game currency system will not change but that just me. I love Brawlhalla and is another alternative to Smash Bros. I don’t like buying dlc with real money. Brawlhalla might have a collector’s edition with all the content. I have a lot of coins in my account on Brawlhalla. Coins is not utilize properly and feel like a waste of time. Overwatch did a great job with their currency system. I hope Blue Mammoth Games will see the light for Brawlhalla in game currency.


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