Top 5 Free Indie Games on Mobile Worth Checking


Free Indie Games on Mobile



There is some free indie games on mobile platforms like Android and IOS. These indie developers reach out to me on Instagram, Twitter and Email. If you are a upcoming small indie developers that wants to to try your game. Contact me and I will spread the world or give feedback. Luckily, I have a upgraded phone to record my gameplay. My older phone couldn’t and had to download a emulator called BlueStacks. I am happy to get a free phone upgrade. I skipped Apple and got a Samsung Android phone. That being said, I am happy my new phone got a recording function for gameplay. I love playing smaller games like indies. Indie games need to be recognize like triple A games. I know a lot of people play mobile games instead of consoles. Lets get started on top 5.

5. Spell Caster – Teeter Bird

Spell Caster Gameplay
Image: Teeter Bird


Spell Caster is a cross over word indie game. Players must make different words to face enemies. The game features rpg elements with dungeon crawling. Players must use spells (words) and defeat 20 enemies to win. You can shuffle letters and get hints. Explore worlds and take on 300 challenges in Spell Caster. Earn diamonds for rewards and freshen up your vocabulary. Spell Caster is very educational and fun indie game. I don’t know younger audience would enjoy this. If you want a crossroad puzzle rpg word play. Download Spell Caster on Google Play or App Store today. Support Teeter Bird and visit their website.



4. Type II – Scorch Game Studio

Type II gameplay
Image: Scorch Game Studio


Type II is a tower defense indie game developed by Scorch Game Studio. Your goal is to built your defenses and protect the tower from being destroyed. There is different phases, player phase is setting your turrets. After you are done setting up. You have to end your turn for enemy phase. During the enemy phase, player will be put in a first person perspective. Player can control turrets and switch between them. Note: don’t worry the AI controls the others. After complete waves of enemies, you can build other defenses. Once all the enemies been wiped out. Players will get rewards like upgrades and more. Type II is run 60fps and have a controller support. Man different weapons and firing modes. Face bosses and cloud synchronization. Type II is available now on App Store and Google play for Tower Defense fans.


3. Gamebook – Roman Vartanov
Gamebook: Text Adventures gameplay
Image: Roman Vartanov


Gamebook is a visual novel indie game developed by Roman Vartanov. The game is a series of stories that players can interactive with. Just like any other visual novel games, there is multiple endings and routes. There is no graphics but it’s a text-based adventure game. The inspiration of gamebook is a game called Space Rangers and interactive horror novels by Robert Lawrence Stine. You can choose your own adventure and characters destiny. Gamebook Text Adventure is only available App Store and Google Play. If you want a text adventure visual novel game to play casually. Buy Gamebook and explore new adventures.



2. Warfield – Coedematic Systems Ltd
Warfield gameplay
Image: Coedematic Systems Ltd


Warfield is a side scrolling online multiplayer shooter indie game developed by Coedematic Systems Ltd. Lets just say it’s a MOBA team battle shooter, players can choose up to 20 weapons. Choose up to 3 hero classes and challenging maps. You can explore 126 levels in Warfield. There are multiplayer modes like 6 vs 6 players matches and co-op with a friend. Customize your hero with weapons and abilities at your arsenal. Level up to earn badges and more for your hero. If you want a mobile online shooter game Warfield is just for you. Warfrield is available on Google Play and App Store. Join the Discord community and visit the website.


1. Color Way – Jesica Hannax
Color Way gamepaly
Image: Jesica Hannax


Color Way is a color matching indie game. There is much to talk about Color Way, other than matching four sets of colors. Be careful not to hit other colors. If you do that it’s game over for you. Younger audience will love this game. It’s not easy to win Color Way. I want to thank Jesica Hannax for reaching out to my on Instagram. Color Way is available on Google Play and probably App Store.



More in the near future

I am hoping to play more mobile indie games. These were pretty fun and hoping more people play them. Warfield looks like a hit in my book. If I play more free indie games on mobile. I will create a blogpost about it. More sure you check out these games and tell me what you think. I want to thank again these indie developers for reaching out to me for trying their games. Soon will play more and report on what I experience hands on.

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