I Love You Colonel Sanders and Hikari Clover Rescue Indie Hands-On


I Love You Colonel Sanders



I Love You Colonel Sanders, A Finger Lickin Dating Sim based on the fast food company KFC. Psypop is developing the game with KFC blessing. KFC ( Kentucky Fried Chicken) is a popular fast food place that serves chicken. Colonel Sanders is the mascot of KFC and very popular among fans. Sanders has been a Mugen character, featured into anime and other forms of media. I Love you Colonel Sanders is a visual novel that everyone who likes the Colonel. The plot is you are a student at cooking school. You the main protagonist meets your BFF Miriam. Miriam is a cute awkward girl who wants to learn cooking. Your main rivals are Ashley (Ashleign) and Van Van. Ashley is a rude and wants to best you. There are others characters like Pop (which is Bob upside down).


I Love You Colonel Sanders gameplay
Image: Psypop


A teacher dog named Mr. Sparkles and a robot. I Love You Colonel Sanders doesn’t have save states. Players can load any part of the game. I am guessing it very short game in my opinion. The protagonist gets to choose different routes of the game. You goal is to love Colonel Sanders and find out the secret receipt for chicken. There is a lot of KFC food reference like Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. The Chicken Bucket and biscuits in the loading screen. You might find some sides like Mac N Cheese and wedges. The game have humorous like rpg elements and slapstick goodness. My thoughts on I Love You Colonel Sanders is a masterpiece with 11 herbs of spices. It is heavily influence by anime. Take a look at the opening of the game. I would recommended playing this it’s free. Support Psypop and get on it Steam.




Hikari Clover Rescue



Hikari Clover Rescue is a visual novel developed by Toffer Team. Players take control of Keigo, a pilot who does odd jobs to repair his ship. One day, he is transported into another ship. Keigo meets a blue haired girl named Kasumi. Kasumi informs Keigo about rescuing girls from The Corporation. The Corporation wants the Clover Amulet for money and power. In order, to harness the power of the Clover Amulets. Keigo must perform sexual intercourse with different girls. I am not making this up. Throughout the game, Keigo and Kasumi travels through different places for rescue. We learn about each girl involvement with The Corporation. Players can form a relationship with different girls like Akane, Urara and Shizuka. There are different routes for each characters.


Hikari Clover Rescue Kasumi
Image: Toffer Team


Hikari Clover Rescue is a romance to save humanity. There is adult content in this game and uncensored version for paid users. I download the lite edition for blogging and sharing my thoughts. Had to keep it clean because it’s family friendly blog. Overall thoughts on Hikari Clover Rescue is any other love visual novel. There is some dialogue that not meant for children. Younger audience shouldn’t play this game by all means. There is some voice acting but don’t ruin the experience. Clover Rescue is pretty standard visual novel. If you want to try this download on Steam or Itch.io.


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