Top 4 Energy Drinks for Gaming That Provides Fuel



Energy Drinks for Gaming



Energy drinks for gaming is the same as regular sports. In Esports certain sponsors like Red Bull endorse video gaming. Energy drinks sometimes have a lot of sugar and side effects. A lot of sports stars drink Gatorade that improves overall performance measures. If you are not active, that person will crash and burn. While gaming is not a active procedure and revolves sitting for long periods of time. Brands wants to create a energy drink for gamers. Is energy drinks good for you? Let’s talk about the pros and cons of gaming energy drinks. A gaming energy drink increase energy and mental alertness. Along with improve physical performance in a extracurricular activity. Cons is large amounts of caffeine may cause heart and blood vessel problems. Also caffeine cause sleep and digestive problems.


Dr. Disrespectful energy drink
Image: Gfuel


Don’t combine energy drinks with alcohol because it will affect motor coordination and reaction time. That means intoxication and other behavior problems play a factor. The perfect balance is water and soft drinks. Personally, I don’t drink energy drinks because of the risk factors. Not saying that don’t drink energy drinks at all. Just beware of the risk of drinking them. That being said, I am here to count down top 4 energy drinks for gaming. A lot of popular streamers and personalities are apart of these brands. You might heard about them in tournaments and events. What about ads on Twitch and YouTube? Ready to outperform your gaming skills!



4. G Fuel Energy Formula


G Fuel Energy Formula
Image: Gfuel



G Fuel is a energy drink uses for Esports athletes, YouTubers and Fitness enthusiasts. Known people drink like Dr. Disrespect, Roman Atwood and others. The question that everyone’s mind is it safe to drink? G Fuel is sugar-free and packed with antioxidants. If you are gluten-free it may be safe to drink. There is vitamin b and have caffeine in it. If you have questions about their products. Contact them with any safety concerns about G Fuel drinks. They have recommended that 1 serving a day or maximum of 3 servings. G Fuel website offers customize your variety pack and sponsorship. They do weekly promotions and merchandise like shirts. Check out G Fuel Energy drink website and find out about the company.




3. Mountain Dew AMP Game Fuel


Mountain Dew AMP Game Fuel
Image: Mountain Dew


Mountain Dew AMP Game Fuel is a sub energy drink that designed for gamers. Every known Mountain Dew is a drink with green stuff. Now right Mountain Dew is partnered with video game industry. It comes with four flavors Cherry Burst, Berry Blast, Tropical Strike and Original Dew. This energy drink will improve your accuracy. There cans have a resealable tech which you can drink later. A tactile grip that gives your hands comforted. You have not seen Mountain Dew like this. Check out the website and your local retailers. Mountain Dew is available on Amazon if you like.



2. Gamer Supps


Gamer Supps
Image: Gamer Supps


Gamer Supps is a energy drink that fuels eports players. GG is partnered up with a giant bodybuilding supplement company. Their mission is provide a healthy and more effective option for esports athletes. Is Gamerr Supps safe to drink? The answer is yes it is safe! GG is calorie-free along with no sugar add. If you are unsure about GG drink contact them. What long does the drink kicks in? It will take 10-15 increase your performance between 5-6 hours. Make sure you check the about us section for more info on GG. Gamer Supps have great reviews and give it a try if you like.




1. Catalyst Caffeinated Gaming Fuel


Catalyst Caffeinated Gaming Fuel
Image: Catalyst



Catalyst Caffeinated Gaming Fuel is a drink that gives gamers clean energy. This energy drink contains powder of L-Theanine, Korean Ginseng, Caffeine and Suberian Eleuthero Root. Celebrities like T-Pain and partnered with charities (Extra Life). Catalyst gives you energy and concentration needed with stress or jitters. These energy powders are affordable, vegan, alertness and gluten free product. Catalyst comes with two flavors Watermelon Hail and Blue Raspberry Typhoon. You can check out their website for more info. If you want a sponsorship contact them and promote them.



Fuel your game

That’s all about energy drink. What do you think the best energy drinks for gaming? There is a couple of them I am missing. Let me know in the comment section of this blogpost. Do you have a quest for thirst? What about leveling up your gaming performance? You might not need a energy drink for that. Energy drinks is like someone holding your hand. As the player, it’s your job to win the game. Things takes time and practice to be great at the game. Energy drinks might become a thing in the future. Check out your local retailers for more energy drinks like Walmart, Giant and many more. Is your talent in a can? Unlock your potential while drinking to release your inner gamer.


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