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Street Fighter Ryu Clones



Street Fighter Ryu Clones have been in fighting games for centuries. For those who don’t know what Ryu is. Ryu is the main protagonist of the Street Fighter series. He looks for stronger fighters to face. Ryu have a rival named Ken Masters and friend. He trains under Gouken and learn Shotokan. Ryu has a hidden evil within him called Satsui no Hado. There is another evil Ryu called Kagu (from Street fighter V). He is a well-known character in fighting game of all time. There is a lot of pop culture reference to Ryu like no other. Ryu signature moves is Hadoken, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Senpu Kyaku. His skills attract characters like Sakura, M. Bison, Seth and many more. Ryu is very iconic and there is a lot of characters that influence by him.


Street Fighter Ryu Shinku Hadoken
Image: Capcom


He appeared in different video games such as Super Smash Bros, Asura’s Wrath, Project Zone and more. That being said, Street Fighter Ryu clones is very cliché in fighters back in 90s. Their movesets maybe different but still Ryu in my opinion. Lets start this course of Street Fighter Ryu clones 101. First, lets start with gender. Ryu clones are majority male but some are female. For example, Yuka Takeuchi who is a practitioner of karate and works at maid café. Yuka enters the V.G tournament to further her training and face strong opponents. Her moveset is little similar to Ryu. Yuka is the main character of Variable Geo. She has a rival named Satomi Yajima and idoi of Tamao Mitsurugi. Satomi is Ken Masters and Tamao reminds me of Sakura Kasugano. Next, example is Tokidensho Angel Eyes Raiya Mikazuchi.



More clones



Not much about Raiya Mikazuchi, other than she has a evil form called Black Raiya. Her moveset is similar to Ryu but generate lighting. I wouldn’t say Heart Aino from Arcana Heart is one. Lets start with the male Ryu clones. Reiji Oyama from Power Instinct is pretty much a spoof of Ryu. Ryo Sakazaki from Art of Fighting is well known to be a Ryu clone.  Ryo main rival is Robert Garcia who uses his feet. He and Robert are the main characters in Art of Fighting. What about Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown series, instead of using his hands. His sword does the talking for him. Haohmaru is a ronin looking for strong fighters as well. Team 17 Body Blows has Ryu clones, there are two character Nik and Dan. Nik and Danny are Boston gang members looking to see who is best.

Ryu Vs Ryo
Image: Mugen


Fighter’s History Ray McDougal and Makoto Mizoguchi are Ryu clones. Ray is the lead character and Los Angeles detective. Makoto is a high school delinquent from Osaka. There are many more clones in games like Darkstalkers Morrigan, Kizuna Encounter Sho Hayato and Jin from Martial Champion. Next up is their outfits. Ryu wears a Gi because of his fighting style similar to Karate. Some of the Street Fighter Ryu clones doesn’t wear gi. Female wear school outfits or casual wear. Males sometimes are shirtless and etc. It doesn’t matter one’s appearance but who they’re as a person. Next lesson is movesets, each clones has a anti-air move like Shroyuken. Take Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami, both characters have a anti-air like Ryu’s. Both have different moveset to each other.



Does moves matter?


I have mention Heart Aino earlier, she has a anti air like Ryu’s. Her moves doesn’t reflect Ryu’s at all. Hanzo and Fuuma from World Heroes are very identical to Ryu but different super moves. Gamer might spot similar moveset to Ryu in different fighting games. Last lesson is goals, this drives the main protagonist to keep fighting. Do you want to get stronger or save someone? Is winning the tournament means so much to you? What is Ryu clones goal anyway? I forgot about Killer Instinct Jago and Fulgore. Jago and Fulgore have a different agenda but share some of Ryu moves. In closing, Street Fighter clones have Ryu-like characters. Whether man or woman, these characters are inspired by Ryu. These characters are easy to spot in my opinion.


Advanced Variable Geo Yuka Takeuchi
Image: TGL and Giga


Ryu sensei will teach you how to be like him. You can sign up for this course for free. He will teach you how to throw a hadoken or maybe shoryuken. What about inspiring other to be like you like Sakura Shingo and Tamao. There is no shame on being influence by someone. Games I haven’t mention that have Street Fighter clones Double Dragon (Neo Geo) and Fight Fever. Fun Fact: Mr. Bear from Battle K-Road has Ryu moves. Make sure to complete this course and became Ryu. Will you be the next Street Fighter? Come to Street Fighter Ryu Clones Course 101 today and you will graduate with honors. Think of these like a college or high school class. Don’t worry you will learn a lot in this class.


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