Ayo the Clown and Undefeated Indie Game Hands On




Undefeated is a action beat’em up with open world elements indie game. These game is developed by three college students from Vantan Game Academy in Osaka, Japan. There is no storyline other than defeating terrorist in a unknown city. I first caught wind of this because Angry Joe video. Angry Joe is known for raging at things featuring video games. He is a Superman fan which Joe wears the S shirt. Check out Angry Joe YouTube Channel for reviews and rants. Other than that, Undefeated allows player’s to control a unnamed superhero. This hero reminds you of Superboy from DC Comics and Young Justice. Players can chain hits on incoming enemies with range or close attacks. The hero can fly and chase down enemies by locking on. Hero can land and rescue people from fires and rubble. After completing main mission, you can explore the city.


Undefeated gameplay
Image: Vantan Game Academy


Player’s can earn points for rescuing people and doing good deeds. If you don’t do good deeds, player’s will lose points. The system reminds me of Infamous that Cole can turn good or evil. Mini games in this game reminds me of Superman 64 ring challenge. There are a lot of different challenges to pick from flight or destruction. Note: Undefeated is in Japanese, players can change the language. My thoughts on this game is average. My pc didn’t have the horsepower to run the game. It didn’t stop me from trying Undefeated out. I really enjoy the game and wait to see a finished product. There is a lot of elements from past superhero games I mentioned. Ranking system allows player to replay challenges. Let’s hope these three students will start a gaming company. Check out Undefeated on Steam and become a hero of justice.


Ayo the Clown


Ayo the Clown is a cute 2.5D platformer indie game. This game is developed by Cloud M1 LLC and have a light-heart art style. Players take control of Ayo, a clown that’s on a mission to find his dog Pooch. Ayo is a person that willing to help others and shows happiness. The gameplay is simple, you are controlling Ayo and stepping on enemies. That’s not all, Ayo can drive vehicles and use weapons like a hammer. Learn skills like wall jumping like Mega Man X and sliding down slopes. Ayo can inteact with NPC and complete side quests. Players can find collectibles throughout the game. Ayo the Clown have huge bosses and candy coded levels. Collect diamonds and hearts in your adventure. My thoughts on Ayo the Clown is beautiful and colorful. Art style is very crispy and makes the game stand out,


Ayo the Clown hammer
Image: Cloud M1 LLC 


My pc can’t handle the gameplay but really enjoy it. In their Kickstarter page, they took inspiration from Little Big Planet, Super Mario, Kirby and Yoshi Island. Level design reminds me of Rayman (first game). There is dessert, factory and kid friendly level in Ayo the Clown. Speaking of which, kids will enjoy this game. What you think from the game is love, courage and never give up. Right now, Ayo the Clown is on Steam but PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are coming soon. Make sure to support their Kickstarter and listen to the soundtrack. I have listen to soundtrack and have a pleasant tone. I can’t wait for the full version of the game/



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