Brawlhalla – Super Smash Bros Inspired Casual Review

 Brawlhalla – Super Smash Bros Inspired Casual Review.j

What is Brawlhalla?


Brawlhalla is a free-to-play fighting game developed by Blue Mammoth Games. Later on Ubisoft acquired the license and published it. The game premise is compared to Nintendo’s own Super Smash Bros. Knocking opponents out of stages. Each character have different attributes and weapons. These characters are called legends. Legends is inspired by Japanese, Norse and different motifs. The following weapons are crossbows, fists, spears, hammer and many more. There is a total of 41+ legends and two weapons each. Legends stats range from offense, defense, speed and ability. During character select screen, player can change legends skins, weapons and many more. Legends can level up to gain extra color, weapons and many more goodies. There are maps that fit the number of characters in the game. Plenty of game modes to choose from.


Brawlhalla gameplay


In single player mode, you can play online with people around the world. There are four modes, free-for-all, experimental, one-on-one and more. The gameplay is similar to Smash Bros but no percentage damage. Each legend have a health bar, if it turns red you are knocked out. Once you are knocked out, you can use up attack to get back on the stage. There is two typed of attacks weak and strong. Strong attack can be charge to become more powerful. Weak can’t be charge but keeping your enemy at bay. Player’s can set up games on their own. There is an option for 8 players or less. Team matches and playing mini games with your friends.




Brawlhalla for all

Player earn in-game money by completing challenges. There is another currency called Mammoth Coins, which could be brought with real money. You can spend on in-game store to buy exclusive skins, legends, layouts and many more. Brawlhalla is a very fun game but I am not good at one on one. Look at my past live streams. The game is very easy to play and learn combos. Using gravity cancel is stop mid-air or dodging in-coming attacks. Gamer choose is play local or online matchmaking. Picking up items and weapons falling from the sky. Having a blast in general with Brawhalla. Brawlhalla is played in evo and other competition.



Overall, Brawlhalla is a game I can invite couple of friends to play. I am liking the variety of weapons like guns and moves. Normally, I can’t win this game but I had fun anyway. Hop on different servers and play your hearts out. There is another game similar out there called Brawlout. If you want a casual fighting game download it. Brawlhalla is available for PC (Steam), Xbox One , Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 for free. Note: There is crossovers from WWE, Cartoons and many more.

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