Mobile Games – Innovated Fun and Changing the Industry

Mobile Games - Innovated Fun and Changing the Industry

Mobile Games

Mobile Games is a innovated apps that transcend video game consoles. There are a lot of upcoming indie developers that specialize app games. I have not covered mobile games in this blog. Hopefully, I would get the right equipment for them. Now, I just got a Samsung phone for downloading apps games now. If any indie developer want me to try about their app. Contact me on social media or email would help too. I would promote it and showcase them on YouTube. Also display them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. That being said, mobile games is very different from consoles. Gamers don’t use a controller but fingers. Tablets is a sub-category for phones because it’s mobile. The might have a device that allows controllers for tablets or phones. Apps games got to have an operation system like IOS, Android and more.


Street Fighter VI Mobile


They operate the same as Windows, Mac and Linux for computers. During development, apps doesn’t operate like video game consoles. Due to ram space and file size, developers uses minimum resources for the game. For example, Street Fighter VI mobile game that doesn’t include all the animations from console counterpart. Instead, there are arcade buttons shown on the screen. In consoles, it doesn’t have those button display on the screen. I have a app on my phone called The King of Emulator. This app have retro arcade games like Mortal Kombat 3, The King of Fighters 94 and many more. These games have smaller file size and got a fair conversion from arcade. Some apps have non-responsive buttons and bugs. Developers update them due to feedback from reviews. Sometimes problems are still there or improve the app.



Fun Time with Apps

Mobile games is cater to different demographic like 6 through 50 year olds. There are games from younger children to enjoy. I don’t know these games that children still play. There is Pokemon Go, Angry Bird, Candy Crush Saga and Fortnite. More games like Donut County, Clash Royale and loads of them. Different mobile apps integrate with consoles like Hamsterdam. Based on fans demand, developers would make it happen. I have played some apps games at Otakon and Awesome Con. There are games that test your wits and educational. The sales of mobile games has risen because people have phones. Games are meant to be fun and enjoyable for all. Whether you are at work, school and parties, everyone is playing a game on their phones. Different category of games such as dating sim, causal, tower defense and more.


Mobile App Games


More apps games might change what we think in gaming. We can use it to save the world. There are innovated developers who want to see the 9 to 5 for making games. Indie game developers are doing the same thing. If you want to see more indie and mobile progress. There is a hashtag called #ScreenshotSaturday where indie developer post their work. I follow some indie developers on Twitter. Sometimes they announced demos or beta of their games. I don’t have funds for buying their games but tried them.


Mobile Games Sales



There was a DM about covering mobile games but I don’t have the equipment for recording them. Luckily, I have a new phone for recording. Hopefully, I will cover them in the future. There are more people on phones than playing video game consoles. Apps can help people to look for places and people. Also it creates a balance of lifestyle and your personal friend. Apps cost money and some of them are free to play. Will mobile games change our future some day?

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