The Rise of Girl Gamers in a Male Dominated Culture



Rise of Girl Gamers


In the early years, girl gamers was look down upon. Video games were for males only. Some females play video games but not like nowadays. Girls are known for fashion, boys and gossip on the phone. Don’t forgot social media like getting hearts and shares. Woman can do whatever they please and not limited to anything. There are platforms like Twitch and YouTube that have female gamers. You guys might know SniperWolf, Pixeled Pumpkin, Pokemane and many more. You guys might hear stories on how girl gamers survive in a male dominated culture. Being a girl gamer may be fun in a nutshell. There are others will use platforms to get attention. These types of women are called “Camgirls” which makes positive streamer look bad. Camgirls would dance, show off for views and donations. These girls get more views than normal female streamer.


Pokimane - Girl Gamers
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I see why female streamers hate camgirls. If you to show off your body and sex appeal. Go towebcam sties. Girl streamers don’t want camgirls make them look bad. I got that out the way. Female streamers get sponsorships and developed a great community. Sometimes they cosplay or have a pleasant personality. She might do an anime-like heart with her hand. Do a little dance (Invader Zim lol). Her voice can be enchanting like a Disney-Princess. She might stream with her boyfriend or husband. What about the chat? Sometimes the chat would say disgusting things. These people are immature and never had a girlfriend before. Not all people in the chat are nothing like that. Trolls make your stream toxic and heckled. As long, these female streamers are not degrading themselves.




Male vs female gamers


Female gamers play alongside with male. Some streamers don’t want to play with them. Depending on their relationship or marriage. Don’t cry or rage went getting beat by a girl. Hi-Score Girl explores that issues in gaming culture. I may not be smart about percentage of female gamers. The number would probably 60% of girl gamers. That just my two cent on that number. Male gamers are not heckle about their looks in chat. There is toxic behavior in Twitch chat and other streaming platforms. That’s why moderation exist to keep out trolls and iron about bad actors. Building community and getting exposure takes time. When you get popular or front page on Twitch. Whether male or female streamer, you have to be aware on social media. If you say anything controversial, say good bye to your reputation. Your community might defend your actions.



Twitch Unity
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No gender is safe from scandals like TMZ. Back on topic, people debate about which gender streamer get more attention. I would say, it doesn’t matter what gender you’re. Every streamer or YouTuber starts from the bottom. It takes to build yourself and network with others. Of course, males play video games more than women. We have Esports teams consist of male competitors. What about a female esports team? We don’t hear about them? Maybe there is a tournament player who is a girl. How will female girls survive in gaming culture?





There are developers who are women that create video games. There is still for girl gamers to shine within the industry. You will see girls play fighting games, MMORPG, MOBA and shooters. I would say don’t look down on girls who play video games. She might play 100 times better than you. I have watch some female YouTubers and streamers found them entertaining. More might show up in the near future. If you’re a girl streamer, make sure to find a community to call home.


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