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Twitch and Mixer



Twitch and Mixer are two streaming platform for opening doors to new or existing content creator. These two platforms offers chat, currency and support for streamers. Other platformers like Dlive have the same features as Mixer. The two streaming platformers are in competition with each other. For example, Twitch and YouTube Gaming has been rivals went it comes to streaming. YouTube is where creators show off their works to the world. That’s was back in the early 2000s went the platform was introduce. Google acquired YouTube went the ability to monetize your content. Content creator took advantage of this opportunity and wanted go full time. YouTube is not strange to controversy among popular video creators. Pewdipie is the most popular watched YouTubers with a fancy personality. Felix is a gaming YouTuber that average 1 million subscribers and counting.


Twitch website
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Later on, he release some videos that cause YouTube Adpocalypse. Adpocalypse is a system that YouTube demonetized videos not advertiser friendly. Felix is part of the problem but Logan Paul was an accomplice. YouTube favored big YouTubers over small ones. That’s popular videos are showed at recommendation on the right side. Enough about YouTube and it’s toxicity of the platform. Twitch is becoming stagnant for small streamers. Lately, Twitch allows 18+ content and didn’t ban some users. Streamers were treated unfairly due to cam girls and terms of use. You can get ban for dancing in cosplay or wearing a tank top. Just like YouTube, Twitch favors popular streamers than small ones. Small streamers get banned in a blink of light. Big streamers bring Twitch money that’s why banning them won’t work.



Treatment in Streaming Platforms


I remember a streamer named BrockUK leaves Twitch for Dlive. Same goes for Ninja moving to Mixer due to contract. Ninja is a popular streamers that known for playing Fortnite. He got star power went playing with Drake and took off from there. Some streamers were jealous of him like Gross Gore and Darkside Phil. I voiced my opinion about the move Ninja made. Small streamers get more exposure on Mixer than Twitch.


Ninja moves to Mixer
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If Ninja comes to Mixer, I had a big feeling out it. Overall, congrats to Ninja on his Mixer journey. I am guessing a lot of small streamers will go to Mixer now. If you want to check out my Mixer channel go ahead. There is videos of people saying Twitch is dying but that speculation. Twitch might change their image and climb back up. Hopefully, Twitch might give small creators a chance and make platform fun again.


Streaming Software

Mixer is still small but improving throughout the years. Microsoft owns Mixer and it’s a great platform for small streamers. Mixer have rising star page where they showcase small streamers. There is not much of an audience on Mixer. Now Ninja comes to Mixer, more might come to the platform. Twitch and Mixer are two different platforms show off streamers. There might be full time Mixer streamers than Twitch broadcasters. Streamers wanted to be treated fairly and play games. Viewers want to watch their favorite Streamers interact with them. Using emotes, bits (Twitch affiliate) and preparing for a raid. Building a community takes years based on your online persona. If people find you entertaining, donating will happen. Viewers will follow your Social Media accounts like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Careful on Social Media on what you post because it will backfire. Your community might defend you but others will not.


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Saying Good bye

When leaving a platform that you build a community on. Some of your viewers will watch other streamer or you. That’s why Restream is available for streaming on multiple platforms at the same time. Restream is a handy tool that allows user to simultaneously stream on Mixer, YouTube Gaming and Twitch. If you are Twitch Affiliate chancing of using it is very slim. It will violate Twitch Affiliate contract and terms of use. Luckily, I am not Twitch Affiliate and use this software.


Restream - Twitch and Mixer
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Restream is free to use but you can upgrade at any time. That being said, I don’t want to stream on one platform. I don’t know the rule imply to Twitch Partner. Expanding your community is a great way for streaming on multiple platforms. If you don’t want to use it fine stream on one platform. Making a move is tough but do you possible for your stream.


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Not everyone wants to stream full time but some do. I would love to stream full time but far from it. There is a lot of networking and marketing myself on Social Media. I do have a full time job working 36 hours a day. Plus, I am a video game blogger as well. Note: I am not in this for the money. If you’re doing streaming for money shame on you. A lot of streamers say do it as a hobby than money. Fun is the main component went streaming. If you’re not having a blast stop streaming now. Don’t look at content creating and streaming as a cash cow. If you want money get a job for that. I don’t mind people being self employed but expanding your brand takes along time. In closing, If streamers want move to another like Twitch and Mixer by all means. Maybe there is a light somewhere at the end. Stream on gamers and have fun!



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