The Coma Recut and Owlboy Indie Game Hands-On




The Coma Recut



The Coma Recut is a remastered version of a Korean classic survival horror game. Coma is developed by Devespresso Games. The plot follows a High School student named Yongho, who grades are very bad before exams. One day, Youngho was called for after school studies from Ms. Song. Later on meets a unknown student named Yaesol. Yaesol tells Youngho that something weird is about to go on. Youngho falls asleep in class and things turn for the worst. Now, Youngho have to survive a alternate reality where Ms. Song is a slasher. Players mush find all clues to escape this alternate realty created by Yaesol. You can interact with object, hide from zombified Ms. Song and etc. Be careful not to make a too much of a sound. If that happens Ms. Song will come after you. Players have to explore all Sehwa High School.


The Coma Recut gameplay
Image: Devespresso Games


Youngho can buy items to replenish stamina and heath from vendor machines. There is some pop culture reference like Terminator. You can roll and cover your mouth for stealth. Youngho can collect coins to buy items and read dairy. Overall, The Coma Recut is a game that players feel stuck sometimes. You can use the D-pad to figure out main objective like finding keys. You will meet characters in the alternate dimension. The Coma Recut have new features such as rolling, new hiding mechanic and updated art style. I enjoy playing The Coma and very suspenseful title. Graphics is comic-book style and intense moments while hiding from the killer. The Coma Recut gives you chills and want to leave school. If you want to buy The Coma Recut it’s available on Steam, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.







Owlboy is a action-adventure indie game developed by D-Pad Studio. The plot revolves around a mute named Otus, who have trouble fitting in. Lately, the Sky Pirates attack Veile (Otus hometown) for the owl relics. Otus face bullying and look down as a failure from his peers. That doesn’t stop him from doing the right thing. It’s up to Otus and his friends to stop Sky Pirates and learn the secrets of owlhood. Owlboy is a unique game which revolves around flying. Otus can spin and consume special fruits for health. Note: Otus can’t fly too high up and can’t lift multiple object. During gameplay, Otus can switch between companions with unique abilities. Later on, you gain the ability to teleport your allies at will. Collect owl coins to buy items and upgrades.


Owlboy gameplay
Image: D-Pad Studio



Owl relics can give you abilities as well. Fight huge bosses and interact with NPCs. Owlboy is a delightful treat with pretty and breathtaking pixel art. Each level have challenges and keep you on your toes. Buttons is very simple for newcomers to Owlboy. Beautiful level design and chill soundtrack to go with it. The game is very fun and someone could speedrun it. D-Pad Studio did a great job with the game. You can feel Owlboy bullying as he becomes a hero. If you want a great platformer, buy Owlboy on PS4, Steam and Nintendo Switch.


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