Overwolf League of Legends Facecheck App Cheating or Learning?



League of Legends Facecheck App


Best In-Game Stats
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While I was surfing on YouTube, I come across an ad for League of Legends. There was a streamer that was promoting an app called League of Legends Facecheck. Facecheck is a app that assist LoL players to dominate the competition. The app is approved by Riot Games, I will get to that later. For those, who don’t know what League of Legends is about. Basely, it’s a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) where players pick a champion. Whether, a team of three or five players. The goal is to destroy their crystal with their minions. League of Legends is the most popular MOBA game out right now. There is streamers like Sjokz, Yassuo, Nadeshot and many more playing League. Do you want to become them? Overwolf got you cover with becoming the best league player.



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Here is some features of Facecheck app. Facecheck allows Summoners to choose their champion playstyle. It gives you tips on how to play a particular champion. There is a one-click runes and items that can be imported in your client. You can import spells abilities as well with one-click. Facecheck check your team stats with ranks and win-rate. Do you want with a pro player or noob? Also in-game stats to see what lane your opponent is. You can find out to build armor or magic resist. Learning a champion no problem Facecheck got you cover. If you’re playing ARAM and trying out a new champion. League of Legends Facecheck can read and recommended builds before the match. You can also get tips, skill order and many more for your playstyle. Once the match is over, how do you get better?



Winning edge



League of Legends Facecheck can check your performance and compare your skills to others. There is CS/Mind, Wards placement and kill participation key metrics. These stats will help player analyze how to improve. Also, you can compare champions for choosing a new main. Overwolf have similar apps such as Lolwiz. Lolwiz is just like Facecheck but can configure and store bookmarks. League players can record video and take screenshots of the game. My thoughts on Overwolf’s Facecheck app is that some will think it’s cheating. The reason is If newcomers want to learn the game. Facecheck users will easily destroy them. Let’s say you like to hide behind a turret. A summoner will easily get through that turret and execute you. Technically, an assassin class with melee attacks and armor.



Play Better With Tags
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What about lanes in League? I don’t have a pacific lane I main but any is fine with me. A noob could go to mid, bottom and top lane at will. Skilled player will counter that noob and destroy them. Facecheck is a good app but what about playing without it. Back when, League of Legends first release there was no app. Players must be good with the champion. Whether, you are maining mage class or champion with crowd control. Sometimes I choose champions that not the best. It maybe the rune and Items I picked for that champion. Although, a viewer from my present League of Legends live stream told me about an app.



How will it impact?



I am guessing is Facecheck app for League of Legends. Hopefully, I will try this app and get the edge. Using League of Legends Facecheck will feel like I am cheating. I am a casual player on League and want to learn. There are Esports League of Legends tournament I could watch on YouTube. How will Facecheck impact overall experience for players? Will they drop the game? What about playing against a salty gamer? This app may make player became a professional League of Legends player one day. A noob will evolve into a competitive player in an instant. Will Esports player use this app? I know streamers will use it a lot.


Push Runes & Builds
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Overwolf have more apps for Overwatch and other competitive games. If you want to download this app. Visit the app store and it’s free to use. It’s your choice to use Facecheck App or not. Want a winning edge for your teammates? League of Legends Facecheck will help you improve in the game. Never know if Facecheck makes the game more fun. If you want to see my League of Legends review. Check it out if you get a chance to. There might be a app for Fortnite and other battle royale games. We will have to see what Overwolf have cooked up.


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