Video Game Seasons That Makes Fans Happy or Mad

Video Game Seasons That Makes Fans Happy or Mad

Video Game Seasons That Makes Fans Happy and No Problems


Video Game Seasons

Video Game developed uses seasons just like a tv show. Just recently Evo 2019 just announce some brand new content for their hit games. Video game seasons brings new content for people to enjoy. We will digest some games that I have pros and cons. Fortnite season X is the latest expansion out right now. I have a bad feeling about Fortnite in general. Epic Games trying to make it more futuristic approach. They incorporate mech which is over powered and etc. Past season Fortnite have crossover events with battle tiers and skins. I don’t Fortnite will die or continue to live on. It not the same Fortnite once before and some agree with me. The building is the same and dancing emotes. We will have to see what Fortnite have to offer in future seasons. Apex Legends is still on season 2.


Fortnite season x


They add a new character named Wattson and map changes. Also new cosmetics and new legendary weapon “L-Star”. Apex Legends season 3 might have more content than 2. Changes may be good for some player but not all. I have not tried present season of Fortnite and Apex Legends. Time to time I have play Fortnite and dropped it. Apex Legends have server problem and EA needs to fix it. That’s the reason I quit playing Apex. Season 3 might fix online multiplayer servers soon. Back to Evo 2019 announcements and reveals for fighting games. Tekken 7 is on season 3 with new characters Leroy Smith and Zafina (Tekken 6). There is a rumor that Solid Snake is coming. If that possible, he will be 5th guest character next to Negan and Noctis. Can’t wait for season 3 and yet to get season 2 dlc due to high price.


Tekken 7 Season 3


Here comes a new challenger

Samurai Shodown 2019 have season 1 with free character Shizumaru Hisame. There are many more reveal such as Basara, Rimururu, Wan-Fu and Kazuki Kazama. But wait there is more, Mina Majikina and more season 2 dlc coming soon. We get another teaser on a new The King of Fighters XV being developed. KOF XV will release in next year 2020, I can’t see new characters and content. SoulCalibur VI have Haohmaru is a guest character along with Geralt of Rivia and 2B. Cassandra is announced for the last dlc character for season 1. Season 2 is coming to SoulCalibur VI with new system. I am was about to trade-in SoulCalibur VI. Now it’s time to get back into the game. I am going to do a fixing fighting games blogpost. We more content in Soul VI just like Tekken 7.


samurai shodown x soul calibur


Blazblue Cross Tag Battle have a spree of third-party characters. In Evo 2019, we got a new characters joining the fight. This version is called 2.0 that include new story mode content, battle changes and more. Last Evo 2018, teased six characters, Heart Aino. Teddie, Seth and Naoto Kurogane. In 2019, we get one RWBY character Neopolitan along with new crossover franchises. Yumi from Senran Kaugra which is the 2nd character from that series in a fighting game. Homura was in Nitroplus Blasterz Heroines Infinite Duel as a guest character. Akatuski Blitzkampf have two character Blitztank and Akatsuki. Akastsuki may an appearance in Under Night In-Birth along with Sion (Melty Blood). We might get more third-party series like Melty Blood and more. Street Fighter 5 is in season 4. Before Evo 2019, Capcom drop a trailer for upcoming season.


Blazblue Cross Tag Battle version 2.0


New content no problems

There are new dlc characters Kage, E.Honda, Lucia and Poison. Lucia is a character from Final Fight 3 along with Poison. Kage was in the updated arcade version in Japan. E.Honda returns as one of the recurring characters from Street Fighter 2. Street Fighter Arcade Edition season 4 might have new content with balance changes. Gamers would have some feedback on season 4 went it release. Mortal Kombat 11 only announce Nightwolf for Kombat Pack. Spawn and Sindel is coming soon along with two others. Kombat Pack 1 is looking great and future update would have new content. Other than that no new announce for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Under Night in-Birth Ex Late St is coming out with a sequel. Evo 2019 was a great event I wish to be there. Esports players like SonicFox, Goichi Kishida, Leonardo Lopez and others. What about the other players who did their best?


street fighter 5 dlc


Congrats to your guys for putting on a great show at Evo 2019. If you miss it check out YouTube for more live stream of Evo 2019. Overall, video game seasons bring hype and excitement among gamers. Developers work hard to bring players new content. Video game seasons doesn’t revolve around fighting, last man standing and MOBA. If I miss any games that have season I am sorry. DLCs could leak out your wallet because developers demand. Video game developers go to events like Blizzcon, PAX and E3 for announcements. It’s great to see fan tweet and make videos about these announcement. One thing to take away is sometimes video game seasons might not for you. Keep support these developers and cried out for more content. Note: Dragon Ball FighterZ released a trailer for Janemba and SSJGod Gogeta.



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