Escaped Chasm and Clodhoppers Hands on Indies Games



What is Escaped Chasm?


Escaped Chasm is a short indie game developed by Temmie Chang. The game is inspired by Undertale and the developer Toby Fox is involved. Fox compose the soundtrack of Escaped Chasm. The plot of the game is you are controlling a lonely girl. Which is the characters name in the game, Lonely girl wants to escape the real world. She loves to draw characters and wanted to belong in another world. The game tackles issues on depression and loneliness. One day, she notice her parent is missing and writes in her journal. The girl have a pet snake named Melody and watches TV. Escaped Chasm is 15-20 minutes long. You can complete it in a day. There is 4 endings good or bad depending on your choice. Temmie uses RPGmaker to developed the game.


Escaped Chasm gameplay
Image: Temmie Chang


Back on the subject, the girl find a person with horns. He is very amuse to the girl suffering. He tells her that save her parents. After finding them dead in their room. Lonely girl makes a choice to stay behind or save them. Overall, I love the flash animation that gives the game depth, Melodramatic atmosphere and chilling horror music. Temmie and Toby are a power pair. There is a issues with animated sequence is froze up and have to restart it. This was a very well-made game and I hoping for a full version. I love Undertale and I see this game took inspiration from it. If you want to play this game. Players can demo it and follow Temmie Chang on Twitter.


What is Clodhoppers



Clodhoppers is a claymation brawler developed by Claymatic Games. The game is a online and local multiplayer. Clodhoppers is a prototype and still being developed. In the game, you can pick up weapons, jump on platforms and more. The prototype only have two characters and easy to play. Prototype build is 2-4 couch multiplayer. You will need a friend to play with. There is not online in this build as well. Overall, there is not much to say about it. I had trouble with the game and crashes on me. I am hoping to see improvements to Clodhoppers. There is no audio in the game. This seems like a promising game and very fun. I am loving the claymation style giving it a unique take.


Clodhoppers gameplay
Image: Claymatic Games.


Clodhoppers is a spiritual successor to Cletus Clay. Join Claymatic Games Discord server to find out more. If you want to try it out go right ahead. Clodhoppers is available to play and be aware. It’s not complete yet and look out for more info about it. Follow Claymatic Twitter and YouTube Channel. Looking forward for more information about the game.


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