3Below Tales of Arcadia Dogfight Days of Summer Episode 3 Review




3Below Tales of Arcadia summary


3Below Tales of Arcadia is the second series before Trollhunters. The series is developed by Guillermo del Toro and DreamWorks Animation. DreamWorks Animation also worked on Voltron Legendary Defender. The setting is on a planet called Akiridion-5 were the planet is overrun by General Morando. Two siblings from the royal bloodline Aja and Krel escapes. Along with their bodyguard Vavatos Vex, the trio clash lands on earth. Now, Krel, Aja and Vex have to adapt to earth culture. Not only, earth customs but defeating it from other aliens beings. Note: There are recurring characters from Trollhunters like Pepperjack, Toby and Steve. 3Below is on season 2 and I will review episode Dogfight Days of Summer. Dofight Days of Summer is a video game based episode with mobile apps. Note: I am sorry I don’t remember the name of the game that Eli and Toby was playing.


Toby playing Dogfight
Image: DreamWorks Animation


Dogfight Days of Summer begins went Morando attacks Akiridon-5. Krel gets a distress call from his home planet. After hearing about Morando, Krel wanted to recruit Eli and Toby. Aja helps Krel recruit Eli, Toby and Steve. Eli and Toby was playing Super Sushi video game. Krel had inspiration to control the parking droids like a video game. He develop a phone app called Dogfight. Dogfight is a retro style shooter game. Steven and his classmates was hanging at the house. Krel need more people to combat Morando and save Akiridion-5. He hacked everyone phones and control parking droid. After droids being destroyed by Morando, everyone phones turn into Sushi 2.


Eli the savor


Pepperjack was the only droid left to fight Morando. Eli success on talking down Morando. Akiridion-5 bows and congrats Eli for saving them. In the end, characters was boasted about a boring summer. Morando makes his way to earth. Overall, Dogfight Days of Summer is a average episode as a whole. Krel is skilled with technology and developing mobile games. Without Krel how will Aja and Vex function? Toby and Eli playing video games is a great summer activate. The episode using social media to promote mobile games to go viral. Thanks Mary Wang for shoutout Dogfight game. Dogfight uses pixal art and inspiration from Breakout. Everyone loves mobile games and looking to past the time. If you love a episode based on app games.


Morando -3Below Tales of Arcadia
Image: DreamWorks Animation


Dogfight Days of Summer is for you. 3Below Tales of Arcadia is my favorite out of the Arcadia Trilogy. The premise is similar to Sym Bionic Titan in some way. Vavatos Vex is my favorite character in the show. His charisma brings energy to the show. Watch 3Below Tales of Arcadia on Netflix along with Trollhunters.


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