Otakon 2019 – Otaku and Food Do Go Together Seriously


Otakon 2019 - Otaku and Food Do Go Together Seriously

Otakon 2019 summary

Otakon 2019 was fun but Blerdcon 2019 is better. I went on Saturday with my siblings. The Walter E. Washington Convention Center was packed than last year. It was a long line and saw some great cosplayers. After we purchase out tickets which were $60 dollars. Note: If you want to go full weekend, ti’s $100 dollars. I would recommended going one day for cheaper tickets. That being said, we went to the Artist Alley, where different artwork is showcased. My siblings were suggest they needed more variety. I agree with them and maybe next year in 2020. Afterwards, we got something to eat at a food court. I ordered a BBQ Chicken Sandwich with Chip and Cole Slaw. Pizza was on my mind but got got some at home. Next we went to the Dealer Room with Industry Area.

Persona 5 cosplay - Otakon 2019


Industry Area has Crunchyroll, Funimation and many more anime companies. Namco Bandai was there and Nintendo in the Game Room. Dealer Room had some anime-style racing cars and many more goodies. Next was the Game Room, it was bigger than last year. Nintendo made an appearance with gamer playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and more. UGL (United Gaming League) host tournaments like Dragon Ball Fighter Z. Make sure to follow and check out United Gaming League for upcoming tournaments. The Gamer Room had games like Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, Mortal Kombat 11 and Injustice 2. There is a retro games such as Marvel Vs Capcom 2. Capcom Vs SNK 2 and Arcana Heart 3. My siblings were playing Dance Dance Revolution. I have not played that game in ages. Indies like Miracle Mia and The Meaning of Dreams.

Didn’t enough panels

Afterwards, we went to some panels like Food of Anime. Food of Anime should show more ingredients for the food. They did show Fighting Foodoms were I watch on the Fox Box. They’ve mention Food Wars and Studio Ghibli movies like Ponyo. There was a panel on Anime Studies which is interesting. Now colleges have classes on Anime and Manga. Anime does change lives and the world. If you want to check and follow Anime Studies on Social Media. Lastly, there was a Otakon Game Show that was fun. They threw candy and have a Doughnut eating contest. The host of the Game Show use social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. We had to take a self and use the hashtag #OtakonGameShow We went home and wind down after a long day.

Otakon 2019 Game Room

My thoughts is I didn’t go to enough panels. There was nobody who I wanted to see. Special guest such as Diana Garnet, Man At Arms, Stephanie Panisello and Richard Epcar. There were a lot of events like AMV Contest, Manga Library, Masquerade and Maid Cafe. There is always next year for more guest and events. Otakon 2019 is average and I am going to Anime USA 2019 this year. I like anime and otaku culture as well. While I got home I gave Fire Force and Dr. Stone a watch. Right now I am hiatus on my Anime channel Anjim 2.0. If you want to check it out go ahead. I wish I could have done more than usual. Now it’s over being Otaku don’t stop there.


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