Bayani and Infinite Adventures Indies Games Hands-on



Infinite Adventures


Infinite Adventures is a dungeon crawler indie game developed by Stormseeker Games. The overall concept of Infinite Adventures is you are a traveler that goes on missions. Players can create a hero with races and archetypes. Also players can choose their personalities and voices. You can form or create your own party members. Select your classes with different abilities that fit your playstyle. Once you create your hero male or female, whatever you decide. Players can go on missions, taverns and dungeons that are procedurally generated. There are over 260 skills and 24 summons to master. Talk to 40 NPCs with full voiced actors. Note: you have to recruit 6 members for dungeons. During battle, you have to face enemies in different ways. For example, if you have a sword fight enemies on the front. Bow and arrow can defeat enemies in the back.


Infinite Adventures gameplay
Image: Stormseeker Games


Players can switch between style during combat. You can attack, defend and use special skills called Kessen. Upgrade your hero with skill points to get stronger. Your hero have passive, skill tree and equipment to expand. Face off against bosses and learn the dark secrets of the Labyrinth. Infinite Adventures is an amazing rpg with beautiful art style. Stellar animation and amazing voice acting. I am loving the blend with 2D sprites and 3D backgrounds. The game definitely have replay value. It gives player a lot of control with character creation. Use strategy to plan your attack on enemies. Subtle soundtrack and challenging missions. This is the first rpg that allows player to create their own party. Instead of meeting party member like Final Fantasy and other rpg games. Infinite Adventures will keep rpg fans entertain for while. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.





Bayani is the first all Filipino fighting indie game developed by Ranida Games. The game is based on Filipino history. Characters are based on historical figures like Joe Maria H Rizal (Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado Y Alonzo Realonda. Tonio is based on Antonio Luna De San Pedro. There are many more characters that based on real-life Filipino figures. Stages in the game is based on real life locations too. Bayani is a early access game with only two characters. The gameplay is Street Fighter-like 6-button playstyle. Each character have special and super moves like most fighting games. There is some game modes like arcade and training mode for beginners. Play against a friend in versus mode and maybe online will come in the future. Learn combos and master each characters playstyle.



Bayani gameplay
Image: Ranida Games


My overall thoughts on Bayani is average. I can’t judge it due to being a early access. The fighting mechanics is similar to Street Fighter. Can’t wait for the full version of the game. I am hoping to explore more characters in the near future. The game’s soundtrack is amazing feat and ready for battle. Filipino fans will embrace this game and historians too. Bayani is available now on Steam. Learn about Filipino culture and taste it’s flavor.



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