Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir Episode 16 Gamer 2.0 Review

Gamer 2.0 summary


Gamer 2.0 is the sequel to the last season The Gamer episode of Miraculous Ladybug. If you want to know about Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir check out the last post. Gamer 2.0 starts went Marinette is struggling with her daily tasks and wants to play video games. She has a schedule but it’s was too much to handle. Her Dad Tom Dupain-Chang wants Marinette to play video games with her. Marinette refuses and dumbfounded about for day to day activates. Tom and Sabine plays video games much as Marinette wants too. During school, Marinette spazz out playing video games and having too much on her plate. Max developed a game that have 15 playable characters. He ask his classmates like Kim, Alix, Markov and Marinette but refused. Max is sadden about this and becomes a victim of Hawk Moth.


Gamer 2.0 Max and Marinette
Image: Zagtoon


Once again, Max is transformed into Gamer 2.0 (titular character). Gamer abducts all the citizens of Paris, who were akumatized during season 1 through 2. There was one villain named Desperada which was a spoiler. Marinette and Adrien transformed into their superhero personas. Gamer 2.0 broadcast himself and wants to play a game. Cat Noir and Ladybug agreed to face Gamer 2.0 and play his game. The two are transported into the Stadium and inside para-pod. Gamer suggest if Ladybug and Cat Noir loses, he will seize their Miraculouses. Rest of the episode is Ladybug and Cat Noir playing in a fighting game. Lady and Cat take turns on choosing characters. The goal is destroy the characters akuma item or ring out.


No button mashing


During the game, Ladybug gets frustrated and angry from playing. Cat Noir calms her down and tells her to have fun. She clears her mind and starts winning against The Gamer. After defeating all of the characters. Ladybug and Cat Noir have to fight each other. Cat Noir throw himself out of the ring and refuse to fight Ladybug. Ladybug is left to face Gamer, she uses Lucky Charm and different akuma objects. She uses Sandboy pillow, TroubleMaker pen and Volpina flute to win. Ladybug was about to change back and Hawk Moth was happy. She is thrown out of the ring but didn’t lose. The Gamer was shocked to due to bug. Luckily, it’s a clone and Gamer touch the ground. Ladybug wins and turn everything back to normal.


Ladybug - Sandboy pillow
Image: Zagtoon


Marinette apologize to her parents for not spending time with them. She brought Max and help beta test his new game . Tom and Sabine are ecstatic about it along with Marinette. That’s how the episode ends with Dupains playing video games. Overall, it’s a filter episode with no progression on the plot. We didn’t have Street Fighter reference like the last one. Gamer 2.0 episode showcase all of the villains from past seasons. It does have fighting game cliche’ and players get upset about the game.


Marinette need to play


Marinette video games
Image: Zagtoon


Marinette is like some gamers that wants to play video games for whining down. I am a gamer myself and it’s help me get away from the outside world. Max is a indie developer and wants people to give feedback on his game. That’s relates to game developer that looking for people to beta test a game. Gamer 2.0 episode is not a bad one, but not better than last one. If you love playing video games and Ladybug give it a watch.

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