Blerdcon 2019 Taste the Black Nerd Magic Experience

 Blerdcon 2019 Taste the Black Nerd Magic Experience.

Blerdcon 2019

Blerdcon 2019 was very special to one of my family members. She made history on during special effects makeup. If you want to follow her at @mermaids_eatplants on Instagram. Check out her amazing designs and may come to a con near you. Anyways, my experience going to Blerdon. It’s was awkward and seesaw-ish. I lost my Samsung Phone in my family member boyfriend’s car on Saturday. It’s was a bummer and my pockets was short. Lucky, I found it by Sunday and snaps some photos. I took a photo of a Black Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Representing Halle Bailey’s casting choice for playing live action Little Mermaid. It was great to see African American cosplaying as their favorite characters. This year was lit and slamming with light-hearted energy. There was special guest such as Estelle who voice Garnet on Steven Universe.

Blerdcon Estelle

Beau Billingslea who known for voicing Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop. Also Fourth Raikage from Naruto and Digimon’s Ogremon. One last guest Actress Rachel True known for Mona Half & Half. There are cosplayers like Papa Bear, Cutiepiesensei, Cin’Von Quinzel and Shaina West. The artist alley had great showcase of work. Dealer Room had Extra Life, Magfest, Honey Sweet Studio and MoonKittyArt. Gaming at Blerdcon 2019 was a great experience. I played Samurai Shodown 2019 for the first time. It plays the same as the older ones. If I buy Samurai Shodown 2019 video game, hoping I will drop a review. I had tried the new characters like Wu-Ruixiang, who wield a shield in battle. Wu is a great character to use for distance playstyle.

Kim Possible cosplay

Feel the magic

Yashamaru Kurama is a average characters with little moveset. Daril Dagger is a slow but power character. The recurring characters play the same like Earthquake, Jubei Yagyu amd Galford. Killer Instinct 2013 was there and had fun. I tired the new characters like Rash, General RAAM and Mira. Killer Instinct is still a button mashing frenzy. Super Smash Bros Ultimate had J-Con controllers but was broken. There were retro games like Windjammers, Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters 94 and Metal Slug. All of these game brought to you by AimHitGo. My only thing that was missing was scheduling on panels. Blerdcon should have booklet and schedule papers like Otakon. I didn’t know what panels was going on.

Blerdon 2019 arcades

Overall, Blerdcon 2019 was magical with music that people dance too. This was a first in conventions with little African American flavor to the mix. There were video game tournaments and laser tag. Blerdcon was still in Hyatt Regency Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia. The tickets was $55 for the full weekend. Note to self don’t leave or lose your phone while covering conventions. If you have not hear about Blerdcon. It celebrates black nerd and diversity among people. Visit the website and let me know if you planning on going next year. Note: Sorry no YouTube video until after hiatus. Here is a Instagram post video clip.


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