Bible Black Anime How to Summon a Demon with Sex Review

Bible Black Anime How to Summon a Demon with Sex Review

Bible Black summary

Bible Black is based on ActiveSoft eroge visual novel game. The plot is about a school occult club that obsess with summoning a demon. Main protagonist Taki Minase, is a student that comes around a book with love charm. Minase learn magic and suddenly having sexual intercourse with female characters. He and many other character discovered strange occult practices in school. In order summon a demon, a person have to be sacrificed. The user must have a blood offering and semen for summoning. In the show, there is a lot of hentai content than story. I will get to that toward the end. Bible Black spawn four ovas and anime. I will be talking about all four in this blogpost. First, let’s talk about original anime series or first one. One day after Bible Black Gaiden, Reika Kitami was going to be sacrifice for a demon.

Bible Black Game

On the verge of making a pact to a demon. Kitami stab one of the members of the occult club. A demon stated that “you want to live?” Kitami says yes soaking with blood. The series starts off with Taki Minase and Kurumi Imari have a interacting. One of the student council Rika Shiraki confess to him. Imari notice something strange going on with Minase. Shiraki and Minase started to make love. Afterwards, Kitami is having intercourse with a female student. Kaori Saeki started to wonder about why Minase has the book. A pound going home, Hiroko Takashiro warns Minase about Reika Kitami. Later Minase meets up with Saeki. Saeki wants the secret of the book and exchange for sex. After willingly, agrees he stated that it was found at the school’s occult club.


Minase and Imari

Dark magic and demons

Also Taki goes on to say “the book makes people have sexual desires”. Saeki wanted to have the book but Minase slaps her. Next day at school, Shiraki confronts Minase about their relationship. Afterwards, tries to commit suicide. Minase comes to the nurse office and meets Reika Kitami. Rika Kitami introduce and lurk Minase into the cult club. Kitami wanted to bring back the club. She started having intercourse with Taki and summons a lesser demon. Now, Taki is possess by a lesser demon by Kitami. Imari suddenly start to suspect Minase of acting strange. Kitami started to occult in Saeki house and starts controlling students. Hiroko Takashiro steps in to help Minase to stop Kitami. Imari wanted to visit Minase but walk-in seeing Shiraki in the room.

 saeki and friends

Minase still is controlled by the lesser demon. Imari and Takashiro worries about Minase. Later on, Imari is kidnapped by Saeki to be sacrificed. Imari yells help and Minase snaps out of it. Kitami escaped with Imari and Minase goes to Takashiro. After, a little intercourse in Minase’s room. Takashiro and Minase goes to rescue Imari. Kitama sends her followers to get Shiraki and Minase’s sister Yukiko. Kitami tries to reenact the same ritual in her school years. Minase and Takashiro stops Kitami’s ritual then saves Imari. Imari is now possess by Reika Kitami and the series ends. Bible Black Gaiden doesn’t offer much story but it’s a origin about Takashiro and Kitami.



There is some new characters such as Nami Kozono and Junko Mochida. Nami Kozono is a lesbian and antagonist of the origin story. Nami was fascinated by Hiroko Takashiro magic book. Later on, she was a victim of the Bible Black magic book. Then Mochida, during the budget ceremony went she perform sexual act in front of the school. Takashiro and her friends started to make a profit out of it. Reika Kitama didn’t have a major role but a victim of sexual assault.

Nami Kozono and Mochida

Love charm magic

Later, Nami hired goons to use Reika as a sacrifice. That’s how first ova started and Hiroko was tiled down. Bible Black Only is a ova that featuring female characters Shiraki, Takashiro, Saeki and Yukiko. These female characters having intercourse and doesn’t offer much story. Bible Black the New Testament takes after original story ova. Imari is older and works for Special Investigating group. Minase is now Naoto and new characters. Aki and Yuge both work with Imari. Takashiro is a nun and Shiraki is a teacher alon with Saeki. There is a new antagonist new Jodi Crowley (descendant of Alester Crowley). Imari is still possess by Reika Kitami. Imari (Kitami) wants the Lance of Longinus. Also trying to summon a demon like the first series.

bible black new testament aki

Jodi motives is unknown but Takashiro is trying to stop her. Kitami still controls students and teachers. Lance of Longinus was embedded in Aki. I was confused on what Jodi wanted to summon a demon. Naoto finds out about Imari and Kitami. He and Kitami had a relationship in the past. Yuge and Takashiro put a plan to stop Jodi among with Reika. Takashiro cast a spell just like Taki Minase did. Jodi and Reika was trapped in the Bible Black book. That’s how to OVA ends with Imari getting her body back. Overall, Black Bible is a average show. The series have some religious and occult themes. There is one sided characters and drooling pacing. The New Testament was a mess, Jodi didn’t serve no purpose at it. Where is Minase that is the question?

bible black gaiden takashiro

Thoughts on Bible Black

There is some Yuri moments and a lot of adult content. Someone under 18 shouldn’t watch this anime. Testament was the weakest of the four ovas. Bible Black Only is filter for those who want to see their favorite female character. Gaiden was a eye-opener for how the Occult club got started. Reika didn’t contributed to the story. We should get more backstory with Kitami. Takashiro likes magic and use it to solve problems. Black Bible is a dark and griddy anime with sick way to summon demons. If you want to make this anime. Look it up on Google along with the visual novel game.


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