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Mental Health – Depression In a Gamer’s Perspective

Dealing with Depression While Being a Popular Youtuber and Social Media

Mental Health Depression

Mental Health depression is a serious issues in this country. Recently, a YouTuber/Streamer named Etika took his own life. Etika was known for making Nintendo-related reaction videos. Also started a community called Joy-Con Boyz (named after Nintendo Switch controllers). Social media plays a huge role in suicide. Suicide is no joke and a lot of people have thoughts. Cyberbullying is a topic and apart of depression. Video Games sometimes help depression whether alone or with friends. Becoming a popular YouTuber/Streamer can be fun and games. Once you hit that 10,000 followers or more on Social Media. Trolls will come and bombard you. They will spread rumors and gossip about you. Once you say something controversial, there is no turning back. You might make an “I am sorry” video but will it be enough? What about your community? Will they back you up?




Depression is a invisible wall that no one will see. Someone may smile and act happy-go-luck, but deep inside there are not. You don’t know what that person is going through. Don’t be afraid to seek help but some don’t want it. Depression have some sub-categories like sadness, loneliness and heartbroken. Maybe something in your life that hurts inside. What about a dark memory that you can’t keep away? Those things trigger depression and hurts your mental state. There are some video games that deals with depression. Indigo Prophecy deals with mental issues with its characters. Lucas Kane commit murder and mental breakdowns. Carla Valenti is claustrophobic and have panic attacks. If you want to check out this game. It will change what you think of mental health.


Social Media Awareness

Social media can have you reconnected with family and friends. You can post and promote your brand on it. There is some dark side of social media. These people are called trolls that don’t have a life. Trolls existed to defame people and ruin their lives. They find out where you work at, family members and home address. It’s the same thing as swatting went live streaming on Twitch. That’s a form of cyberbullying. We all been in school and people choose you as a target. Bullying is a apart of life and can’t be stopped. Whether, you are a kid or adult bullying will always exist. There is one thing you should do. Don’t become a bully if you’re a victim of it. Let karma do it’s thing. If they don’t change leave them alone. I am a firm believer of second chances.


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If that person continues to bully people, I can’t forgive them. Back to social media, using it is great but be careful. Once you post something on social media, it will stay forever. People will repost it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Be aware on what you post online. Trolls will have a field day with something negative to say about you. Let the haters hate, be a leader not a follower. There is some positive changes on people using social media. Social media can help people look for missing people. Help people promote their career and business. Negatives impact on social media are risk losing our job and future offers. Creates a negative reputation around you and many more. All I am saying that be mindful on using social media sites.

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Better Place for people

Etika did stated that “I hope that my story maybe helps to make YouTube a better place. Where people know boundaries and limits on how fat things should go”. I do believe what Etika says, “I hope it does too”. Let hope we can make social media a better place too. Happiness takes over sadness any day. There is a “saying laugher is the best medicine”. It’s okay to cry because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes I feel alone and have thoughts on suicide. There is more than life than depression. I don’t want to beat up on myself any longer. In the past, I been bullied a lot. Now, I am a better person and financially stable. People are jealous of me and wish to have a better life. I want a drama free life for myself.


Cyberbullying - Mental hHalth

Depression is a cancer for me. Sometimes I have bad days and push people away. I have people that love me and willing to support me. Thankfully, I am not alone in this world. For me, sometimes playing video games and live streaming helps me overcome depression. There was a Fortnite stream I did 2 weeks ago. It was late because I was helping my dad with setting up tents. These viewers praise me on making their day. I love the Twitch community, that’s why I love streaming. Streaming cures my depression and puts a smile on. I wanted streaming become a better place too. In the world of social media, people can express them. One day, I hope these platforms make it safe for users everywhere for mental health.


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