Samurai Showdown The Motion Picture – Holy Swordsmen Movie Review


What is Samurai Showdown the Motion Picture?



Samurai Showdown the Motion Picture is based on SNK fighting game Samurai Spirits. Samurai Spirits is a oriented style fighting game that sets in the 18th-century Japan. The game is filed with Japanese culture which sets apart from other fighting games. Each character have a weapon to fight with. Samurai Showdown have gore and characters getting cut in half. Note: There is a new Samurai Showdown 2019 video game being developed right now. The plot of the movie is during Shimbara period and Shiro Tokisada Amakusa wants to revive Armborisa. There is seven holy swordsmen consist of Haohmaru, Wan-Fu, Nakoruru, Charlotte and many more. Haohmaru lives in a village with his adopted mother doing odd jobs. Amakusa sends her dark army to burn villages and kill anyone. Dark army is led by Earthquake and Gen-an.


Samurai Shodown 1
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Haohmaru witness his mother and best friend getting murdered. Nakoruru and 5 holy swordsmen meet up with Haohmaru. She tells Haohmaru about hundred years ago and he doesn’t remember. Haohmaru tries to fight Galford, Tam Tam and others. He decided to go on his own to defeat Amakusa. The group finally caught up with Haohmaru. Haohmaru caught up with Amakusa and was not match for her. Amakusa spends Haohmaru and Charlotte away while others are trapped. While Haohmaru realize and listen to his destiny as a holy swordsmen. He defeats Gen-an and Earthquake (earlier in the film). Haohmaru and Charlotte makes their way to Amakusa lair. The trio was not alone, Jubei, Hanzo and Kyoshiro assisted.



Aslanzier and Ambrosia


Finally Nakoruru and others are freed and fight alongside of Haohmaru. Haohmaru stabs Shiro and learns that she is the seventh holy swordsmen. He defeats Ambroisa and saves the day. Overall, Samurai Showdown movie is a cluster field of confusion. There is so many problems in this film. First, Amakusa is a male not female. Second, there is not mention that Haohmaru is a holy swordsmen. Haohmaru is a wandering ronin like Kenshin Himura. Ambroisa is mention in the video games. Amakusa don’t fight with a sword but orb. These questions are what viewers will ask went watching this. Samurai Showdown Motion Picture doesn’t hold up and very un-compelling story. Although, there is some elements from the video games. For example, being slice in half is one.


Samurai Shodown Motion Picture Amukasa
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Character designs are retain from the source material. Other characters like Hanzo, Jubei, Kyoshiro and Ukyo get any screen time. These characters didn’t do much in the movie. I wouldn’t say this is a faithful adaptation of the first game. The beginning didn’t make any sense and felt rushed. Movie watchers will be turned off in seconds. We learn about Aslanzier but not enough explanation. I would recommend playing the first Samurai Showdown game. Samurai Spirits is not the only SNK property getting adapted to a movie. Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters.


Half-blade movie

I might review these movies soon. Samurai Showdown is a complete mess and falls flat. If you want to check Samurai Showdown movie go right ahead. Samurai Showdown Motion Picture is available now on Dvd. Make sure to look out for Samurai Showdown 2019 video game coming soon. Lets hope it’s great like The King of Fighters XIV. Fun fact: Nakoruru is available as a playable character in that game. In the future, there will be a full blade ova or movie of Samurai Showdown someday.


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