Capitol Underground and Inclusive Innovation Super Smash Showdown IIII

Capitol Underground and Inclusive Innovation Super Smash Showdown IIII

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Capitol Underground and Inclusive Innovation Incubator Super Smash Showdown IIII


Super Smash Showdown IIII

Here we go again with another tournament from Capital Underground at Inclusive Innovation Incubator . It’s called Super Smash Showdown IIII and I compete in the tournament. I played Super Smash Bros Ultimate at Awesome Con 2019, it’s was a fun game. At Super Smash Showdown III have 20 players and an entry fee $5-10 dollars. The event had free play while setting up for the tournament. Note: This is Capital Underground 4th Super Smash Bros tournament. I signed up for the tournament with my streamer named “AnjimPlays”. Didn’t want to use my real name at all. There were a lot of people than Mortal Kombat 11 tournament a week ago. Gamers brought their Nintendo Gamecube controllers. Some have Pro Controllers for the Nintendo Switch. I brought my siblings and friends to the event. They didn’t compete in the tournament because of the entry fee.


Inclusive Innovation Incubator Super Smash Showdown III


When the tournament starts I faced off against some good players. I used Bayonetta, Fox and Bowswer Jr. Of course I loss and won one match in the loser’s bracket. After that loss, I watch some players that are insane with Jigglypuff, Mega Man, Palutena and Donkey Kong. There were some DLC characters used like Joker from Persona 5. The rules was 3 stocks and no hazard stages. We had to play rock paper scissors to pick the stages. The stages were Final Destination, Pokemon Stadium and Battlefield. There were some flashy action pack matches. These players brought their A game to this Super Smash Showdown III tournament. There were some button configurations and technical difficult during the tournament.

Smash Fun

Super Smash Showdown III Winner


Overall, I left early but had fun at the tournament. I wish I had brought a Nintendo Switch for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. There were some commentary from Skillet and great players. Congrats to the Jigglypuff player that won the tournament. Also the second place player as well. Everyone brought their skills to this tournament. I am more of a Brawlhalla player than Smash. Hopefully, there will be more tournament in the near future and coverage. Make sure to visit Capital Underground Gaming League website for more tournaments. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for updates. Once again, thanks for the event In3 and Capital Underground. Hopefully, more gamers will attend these tournaments. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is available now on Amazon.


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