Valley of Shadow and Crescendo Indie Games Hands-on

Valley of Shadow



Valley of Shadow is a first-person narrative puzzle game developed by Tony Vaccaro. I played this game at Awesome Con 2019 along with Crescendo. There is little story in the game. Other than you are in a dark world. You will uncover your childhood memories and armed with a light staff. Valley of Shadows reminds me of early 2000 3D first-person perspective games. Your staff have different types of spells like Light, Force Missile and Fireball. Each type can light up room, ignite wood and turn water into steam. These are called side effects which helps you solve puzzles. Exploring can reward you with eastern eggs and secrets. The game is design to steer the player in a different direction. Valley of Shadow is a demo. There will be more in-store for our players in the full version.


Valley of Shadow game
Image: Tony Vaccaro.


Valley of the Shadow is a deep dark gloomy adventure. There is full-voiced that narrates the protagonist past. I like how they used real photos in the game. The puzzles is very challenging and complex. It tests your skills of puzzle solving. Atmosphere is mellow and relaxed. If you want to try this game. Visit the website for more information about Valley of Shadow. The background has a steep touch and shifts with the game. Valley of Shadow is available for demo as well. Make sure to try it out and see if you can cast a spell. Overall, I enjoy the game and want to see more in the future.






Crescendo is a rhythm-based platforming indie game. This one I played on Awesome Con 2019 as well. The game revolves around moving to the beat. First, you have to get pass lasers and grab the orb. After grabbing the orb, move to the exit. Crescendo is a very beginner-friendly game that teaches players. It has a nice touch for an indie game. There are a lot of floor to explore. You can gain power-ups to get through the level. As I said, the game is about moving through sound barrier. For example, you have to be quiet during some levels. Loud sounds trigger lasers that can destroy you. Another example, jumping to the beat without being detected. Crescendo tests your wits and stealth skills. Overall, I enjoy this game and reminds me of a Newgrounds game.



Crescendo gameplay
Image by Nate Largo



The pixel art is straight and retro-ish. Anybody can pick this up and play. Each level is challenging and fun. You might beat this game in one day. I found myself trying this game out. Crescendo puts the simple in music games. Nate Largo did a good job on making this game. Crescendo demo is available now on The game is sill in development and my release late 2019. You will get on the elevator and complete each floor? Move to the beat and don’t stop the music.


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