What Happen to Fun and Educational Video Games


Educational video games



Back in the early 90s, educational video games help children in school. I remember playing Math Blaster and Reading Rabbit in elementary school. Math was not my strong suit but reading was. That’s why I love writing and got good grades for it. My parent didn’t want me to play non-educational games. They didn’t raise me to become a bum. My parents wanted me to become a successful person in life. Sorry for the life story, back on track with this post. Video games doesn’t have to about who is the last person standing. What about knocking someone out of a stage? Learning combos in fighting games that debatable topic. Moving from platform and solving puzzles to advance. People think making video games or playing them is a waste. Developers put their heart and soul to these IPs. Playing these games will benefit gamers.


Math Blaster - Educational Video Games
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Video games can be educational in a way. Learning video games doesn’t have to be for children. Any demographic can enjoy them. We have a whole list of educational games in decades. Some games were brought in for schools. I will named a few games that known for being educational. JumpStart series is about learning about logic in different grade level. The game range from 1st grade through 6. JumpStart is designed to be fun and engaging kids. There is a popular game called Carmen Sandiego about learning about the world. Carmen Sandiego is highly popular series. It spawns Netflix TV series and many games revolves around time, space and history. Player must find and arrest Carmen Sandiego from stealing artifacts for V.I.L.E. LeapFrog is a handheld gaming device that revolves around learning. There are popular companies trying to emulate educational games.


I know my ABCs


Nintendo got some educational games but there are hit and miss. For example, Donkey Kong Jr Math, Mario Time Machine and many more. Even Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog trying to be educational. There are popular educational shows like Sesame Street have games featuring Elmo, Grover and more. Humongous Entertainment games have fun games like Pajama Sam, Putt-Putt and Feddi Fish. Sesame Street is the only show that have a game adaptation. Blue’s Clues have video games that children will enjoy. Educational games doesn’t always starts with learning ABCs and Math. Gamers will learn how to type on the keyboard. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing was the game that I learn how to type. Other games trying to emulate Mavis Beacon like Sega’s The Typing of the Dead.


Pajama Sam: No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside
Image: Humongous Entertainment


I don’t know why Sega through it was a good idea. There is some semi-educational games like Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright. These games test the player’s logic in puzzle solving. Brain Age game is about testing your neurosciences like Layton. Puzzle genre is apart of education in video games. It safe to say Tetris is educational as well. The big one that’s debatable is Assassin’s Creed, which you relive historical events. Indie developers create fun games and use education to make it fun. What about Cooking Mama? Cooking Mama teaches players how to cook meals. There are more educational games that children and adults may enjoy. Another mention is The Magic School Bus which you learn about solar system and human body. What happen to educational games? There are still around but nobody notice they exist. Learning can be great but if it’s not with a controller.



Positive outcomes



There is positive outcomes in educational video games. For example, getting a A+ in math or B – in reading. There are stories about how these software help them achieve in school. Some might not do well in school. There is some pro and cons on educational video games. It may benefits some but not all. Will we see more in the future? Probably in the near decade depending on the developer. Nowadays technology is teaching out kids not a text book. YouTube got channels that kids can learn new things. Children is out future and will change the world. We have to set an example for them. Even through gaming or teaching. Education is everything not a waste of life.


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