Top 5 Video Games Beat’em Up Troupes’ That Drives You Nuts


Beat’em up troupes


Beat em up troupes are often seen in video games. You pick a character and beat up some bad guys. Weapons are involved and defeating the boss. Beat’em up games often has 2D side-scrolling or 3D planes. The game can be up to 6 players (X-Men Arcade). Sometimes 3 or 4 players fighting at the same time. What about the cutscenes and storyline? These play a factor in beat’em up video games. Someone is kidnapped or end goal. These games uses a lot of continues, if you have money. In the 80s and 90s, you are a kid fascinated at awesome arcade cabinet. You ask for money from your parents and have a blast. Ever you play alone or with friends. Gamers will share fond memories of playing. Let’s start this countdown with top 5 video game beat em up troupes.


5. Power Life Attacks


Streets of Rage
Image: Capcom


In beat’em up games, you will be overwhelmed by enemies all sides. The solution is power life attack. You have seen them in Streets of Rage and TNMT Turtles in Time. When use, your life bar decreases and potentially loss a life. Power attacks creates room for crowd control. You may need it or not. Most games have this and use as a last resort. Gamers don’t know went these power attack will come in handy.



4. Cheesy Liners


X-Men arcade
Image: Konami


Some beat em ups have cutscenes like Konami arcade games. These have some cheesy liners and dialogue pre-fight and after. For example, X-Men Magento “Welcome to Die” final boss level. These voices are digitized and humorous. After defeating boss or before, they will have a few words with you. You cannot help but laugh at some of them. Mystic Warriors got some great dialogue but funny at the same time. Dialogue plays apart in video games as well.



3. Saving Grace





These beat’em troupe existed in some games. You have to rescue someone or save the city from evil. In the opening of the game, main villain or group kidnaps someone. It’s up to the main characters to save grace. This is pretty standard in video games and other forms of media. Fight your way through hordes of enemies. Defeat the main antagonist of the game. The hero might get a kiss or huge thank you. Want to be a hero? Save something it’s takes huge steps.



2. Weapons in Arms


Final Fight
Image: Capcom


You gotta love weapons in beat’em ups. This troupe is found in some games like Final Fight and many others. Players can use swords, guns and many other weapons. You never go into a fight with only bare hands. Enemies will have weapons in their hands. You must arm yourself and ready for combat. Although it’s not Borderlands with truck load of weapons and loot. Take it to the streets and show them who is boss. Weapons are your BFF in video games especially beat’em up.



1. Character playstyles
dinosaur and cadillac character select - Beat’em up troupes
Image: Capcom


In beat’em up games, players pick a certain character based on stats. There are three types speed, average and power. Speed is very fast attack and low defense. Power is huge offense advantages but low speed. Average has both power and speed together. Depending on the character player chooses, you might win the game. There is a distinctive design based on stats and attributes. Power characters are big and strong. Speed is slim and weak characters. Average is just normal. Every beat’em up has this and do you agree.


Mystic Warriors
Image: Konami


These are my top 5 video games beat’em up troupes that drive you nuts. Do you think it’s true? Beat’em up games are really fun. I enjoy them myself and you should too. These troupes are still found till this day. Indies have these troupes as well and relive 90s arcade days. Ready for a slugfest! Go show them who is boss and have a blast.


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