Dragon Knight OVA – Unlikely Hero and Women Anime Review

Dragon Knight OVA - Unlikely Hero and Women Anime Review

What is Dragon Knight OVA

Dragon Knight OVA is based on PC88 dungeon crawler game developed by ELF Corporation. The main plot of the OVA is about a unlikely hero named Yamato Takeru. Takeru is a traveling swordsmen looking for food. He stumble on a village filled with women called Strawberry Fields. Takeru gets captured in the anime. While in the game, Takeru meets Luna. After a long chat, Luna brings Takeru to the Queen. In the OVA, a guard brings Takeru to the Queen. Queen tells Takeru that their village is ruled by Dragon Knights and Gazelbaan. There goddess is turn to stone and needed 6 jewels of Aquarina. The Queen sends her warriors to fight off Dragon Knights but never came back. Takeru accepts the task and journeys to the tower. Throughout the OVA, Takeru engages in perverted acts like talking pictures of girls.

Dragon Knight Luna

Telling girls their measurements and drooling. Luna wants to save the girls and put up with Takeru antics. After defeating some monsters, Takeru gets the jewels. Some of the monsters, perform sexual acts to the warriors. Takeru and Luna save all the girls. One of the Dragon Knight captures the Queen. Takeru defeated Green Dragon Knights with his quick thinking. Luna gets turn into a dragon and helps Takeru. After defeating the last Dragon Knight, Luna turns back into her normal self. Luna and Takeru defeated Gazelbaan and save Strawberry Fields. That’s the end of the OVA.

Dragon Knight OVA - Luna, Takaru and Queen

Overall thoughts

Dragon Knight OVA was comedic and racy. There is a lot of nudity in this OVA. Audience under 18 shouldn’t watch this. The English Dub is funny and trash (in a good way). Takeru is a stereotypical anime pervert character. Luna and Takeru have sexual tension with each other. I am not surprise that anime doesn’t follow the game. In my years of watching video game turning into anime. It’s no brainier that some things are altered. In the OVA, we don’t see Takeru wish and what happen to the Goddess. Viewers will have to download the game or play it. Note: Dragon Knight is a Eroge with rpg elements. I got some laughs on certain scenes in the OVA. Animation looks clean retro and it’s make a difference. Pacing is not bad ever.

Dragon Knight OVA ending

I would give the OVA a watch. You will find yourself laughing your butt off. Some may call this a Hentai but doesn’t have those elements. It’s a borderline ecchi and hentai that mixes into one. Will Takeru become a lucky man? Does Luna love Takeru? We don’t see all of the girls in the OVA. Some play minor role and gets little screen time. I am guessing the production time and want to cram everything in. There is a sequels to Dragon Knight and also an anime. You should check those out if you get a chance. Dragon Knight OVA is available to watch ( I will no link adult sites). You can download the game and play it for yourself. Tell me your thoughts on this OVA, comment down below.

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