Toxicity and Controversy

Toxicity and Controversy Among Popular Content Creators DownFall

Toxicity of Twitch and Youtube Among Popular YouTubers or Streamers

Being a popular content creator

I just want to say “I am not a popular content creators but small”. Popular content creators rise to stardom due to their following and personality. These streamers and YouTubers make a name for themselves throughout the years. They don’t want to work at 9-5 jobs like most people around the world. Being creative is doing what you love and passion. YouTube has been a platform which everyone shares their ideas and talent. Back in the early 2000s, people just upload cat videos and AMVs. When I caught wind of YouTube that’s all I saw ^_^. Google brought YouTube and you were able to make money. Monetization was the key to make a living on YouTube. Smaller and large creators took advantage of. You have to 1,000 subs and millions of views for making money.

Logan Paul and Pewdipie - Popular Content Creators


That all change went Logan Paul and Pewdipie come to the scene. Logan Paul makes prank videos and Pewdipie does gaming videos. We know the Pewdipie controversy using the N word and laughing at anti-jewish videos. Logan Paul make a video about Aokigahara Forest. That’s went YouTube punish small content creators who want to monetize their content. Pewdipie was the cause of the Adpocalyse and demonetize videos with bad words. YouTubers made videos about how their channels are not advertise friendly. I express my hatred for Logan Paul and Pewdipie for this incident. A few years after that scandal. More popular creators rose up to create controversy.

More toxicity

The Downfall Of Channel Awesome: #ChangeTheChannel


There are some well-known YouTubers I have followed that start trouble. First, there is Doug Walker aka Nostalgia Critic and Channel Awesome. I watch Doug seen 2008 and love his content along with other Channel Awesome creators. There was Linkara, Angry Joe, Cinema Slob, Spoony and Blockbuster Buster. A documentary called “Change the Channel” if you want to check that video out. It highlights Channel Awesome wrongdoings and mismanagement among creators. I was shocked and mortified on what is coming on. You gotta admit that Doug Walker videos was going downhill. I am here to talk about Channel Awesome but there are others YouTubers. Normal Boot’s Projared and JonTron were under fire for what they done. Projared cheated on his wife Hedi with Holly. He sends lewds photos to people on Tumblr and Twitter.


Projared cheats on his wife


Jontron says some racist remarks on a live stream. He and Projared loss a lot of subscribers due to this controversy. YouTube channels like Memology 101 and DramaAlert hosted by Keemstar report on controversy on YouTube. They talk about Youtubers like DSP Gaming, Ninja, Onison and others. YouTube is the only platform that have controversy. Twitch is known for e-begging and cam girls (some not all streamers do this). Listen streamers who e-beg doesn’t deserve money and need to work for it. No one is not entitled to donate money for toxic behavior. If you want money go get a job or passive income. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Twitch is a great platform for interacting with viewers. You can build a community but don’t use it for your personal gain.


What do you get out of it?

The real question is what do you get out of it. Do you need more likes, subs or shares? Are you looking down on people who work for a living like Jessie Taylor? I forgot to mention a anime Youtuber named Double4Anime. DoubleAnime who make a reaction on Filthy Frank anime video and got a lot of hate. He did make some remakes on Swedish and at odds with ForneverWorld. One more recently, controversy with Twitch streamer named Karupups. Karupups cosplay as Lifeline from Apex Legends and got banned for it. A lot of people defending saying she did nothing wrong and upsets me. You choose what creator you defend that’s fine but how will benefit from it. These creators dig a hole, they can’t get out of. People will support them whatever they do.


Dramaalert - Keemstar


My overall thoughts that follows “I don’t want to be a person that people will look down”. If I get million subs it may feel good but everyone is like big brother. I forgot to mention another one named TheAdviseshow and black content creators. They’re not safe ever but loss subs or gain subs. There is a black section that known for being toxic and evil. Popular content creators like Monty Woodgrain and Tommy Sotomayor left the black section. Good for them but it brings misery and pain. In closing, being a popular is like being on TMZ. What controversy there are going to do next? You have to be careful what you do on Social Media. One day, popular will wear down and a rising star be born. You will not be a popular Youtubers for so long in the future


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